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Heads, tails, and 22 bottles of wine

A coin toss: Such a simply random way to determine an outcome.

This week, a simple coin toss won me 22 bottles of wine. ( 720 more words

Candidates Prepare For WJZ-TV, Baltimore Sun Co-Hosted Md. Gubernatorial Debate

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The final touches were made on the set for the Maryland gubernatorial debate co-hosted by WJZ-TV and The Baltimore Sun on Oct. 7. 244 more words


Honey Boo Boo and information overload

A review of television pundits’ predictions showed that these men and women who make a living by claiming their unique perspectives about government, politics, and economics make them smarter than the average bear — as Yogi used to say — were right only about half the time. 483 more words

Does random exist?

“Random” is too broad a term and I only believe it exists conditionally. My condition, any system which can be predicted accurately is not random. Take a look at Pi, it cannot be accurately predicted. 702 more words


View from a Rhino House: democracy made simple

In the tireless campaign to bring the benefits of democracy to the world, a small city in the USA has introduced a “fun” element into refining the expression of the “people’s will”. 242 more words