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Does random exist?

“Random” is too broad a term and I only believe it exists conditionally. My condition, any system which can be predicted accurately is not random. Take a look at Pi, it cannot be accurately predicted. 702 more words


View from a Rhino House: democracy made simple

In the tireless campaign to bring the benefits of democracy to the world, a small city in the USA has introduced a “fun” element into refining the expression of the “people’s will”. 242 more words


Flipped off the ballot: Coin toss settles Rosemount city council primary

Democracy was in action at Rosemount City Hall Friday. And it came up tails.

After Tuesday night’s primary ballot count showed two city council candidates with identical vote totals, a coin flip settled which of them would move on to the November election, … 305 more words


Drunk & Drawn

It was the last Tuesday in July. Sahana hadn’t come to school along with quite a few others from our section. I thought you hadn’t come to school either, but Priya said she’d seen you. 754 more words


Sensitive Surveys

In an earlier article, we saw that conducting a survey on a small unbiased sample of the population will give an estimate of the actual quantity we want to measure. 431 more words