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News: All Male Workers Call In Sick for Work, Not Correlated with Celebrity Nudes

Today, from approximately 5am-9am EST, male workers across America, from CEO’s to blue collar construction workers, called in sick for work. According to multiple male sources, this is not related to the hundreds of photos or nude celebs that were leaked last night, and is purely a coincidence. 542 more words


Creativity Coincidences.

Recently I re-discovered that my pen can create more than worlds through words.

Then colour appeared, everywhere.  Not that I’d previously only viewed everything monochromatically, although I probably had been. 183 more words


Destiny or Coincidence?

Do you believe in Fate or Destiny? Or are you one of those who believe in happy coincidences?

I am slowly becoming a believer of Destiny. 428 more words


Colbie Caillat chats about ASPCA and 'magic pants'

After finding out that Colbie Caillat sang one of my favorite songs (Brighter than The Sun), about a month ago, I went to see what other songs she’d sung. 68 more words

The Difference Between Destiny and Coincidence





A remarkable concurrence of events without apparent causal connection





1. The events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future…

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Premonition or Coincidence?

It started when I was around 8 years old. The whole family were relaxing in the living room. My sibling and I were playing and my parents were watching tv. 463 more words


poem- real life take 2

Son returns

from Brazilian dreams

Misses his flights and is stranded in The Big City

Good thing today his sister moved into an apartment 10 mins from the airport, eh?