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I believe one positive step, or thought can lead to numerous others.I always believed this, and read many articles, books, meet with many people who share this similar idea. 441 more words


Communicating with Spirit

How does spirit try to get our attention? How do 4D people reach out and communicate with us? How do we know we are dealing with spirit and not some idea of our own or a “coincidence” we choose not to recognize as coming from a source not confined to our 3D world? 155 more words

Loving soft words

Well, I will start saying that dad was transported in ambulance for the very first time today. It is never a good impression to see an ambulance in an emergency run but hearing the sirens approaching when you or someone close to you is in need, feels exactly the opposite. 249 more words

Tangent: Remembering the power of Twitter

In working on a side project, I was reminded of just how cool and powerful the tweet can be.

See, if it weren’t for Twitter, I might not have taken the archives track. 198 more words


The Underlying Connection Is Nursing

Marcy Phipps, BSN, RN, CCRN, ATCN, TNCC, an ICU nurse who recently took up flight nursing, is an occasional contributor to this blog.

I recently experienced a series of events that seemed interconnected and orchestrated. 655 more words

Nursing Perspective

The Coincidental 22

Do you believe in fate? Do you believe that everything around us happens for a reason and nothing is random? Do you believe in a predestined future? 717 more words


La sage folie d'une libellule

Après une longue chasse infructueuse,
la libellule a volé de son propre gré,
suivant l’exemple de sa prédécesseuse,
qui s’est noyée dans ma tasse de café, 13 more words