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There are days when it seems that everything you read or hear has the same message, the same theme: a conversation with a friend, an article that catches your eye, the subtext on a billboard. 117 more words

Renascer em Angola / Rebirthing in Angola

Fui, sou e serei eu mesmo, nada menos nem mais que isso. Um dia talvez tenha querido deixar de ser. A vida disse que não, que ainda tinha muito que viver. 4,964 more words


What has Stacey been up to lately?

Well, aside from fiddling with the colors and appearance of this thing (which I do whenever I don’t know what I want to write about), I’ve been working on a few Interminable Art Projects and trying to get people to let me interview them for one or another oral history project. 181 more words

yeaaah, right!

Today i noticed a change in my daughters behaviour.. She said for the first time in her life (tiny i must admit) what a “great mum” i was, how i “could do anything”! 482 more words

'The fix is in': First answer on Jeopardy is 'Who is Jeb Bush?'

Jeb Bush announces that he’s considering a run for the White House and he immediately shows up as an answer on Jeopardy? That doesn’t seem fishy. 263 more words


The Miracle of Silent Night (#2)

Gertruida loves weaving the apparently insignificant bits of the story of the famous song into a rich tapestry of coincidences – or miracles. She says the origin of the song is a testimony to the significance of events we usually discard as unimportant. 1,593 more words

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