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Do You Get It?

There are times when someone or something really tries hard to get our attention. They do they funniest things. And still, we either have no clue, have not read between the lines, or we just don’t get it. 110 more words


Freaky Coincidence Time

As I have blogged about before, I have been reading the dictionary two pages a day for just over two years. I have definitely not been doing it consistently since I would have been done long ago if I had. 133 more words

Life Experiences

15 Things You Didn't Realise Everyone Else Does Too

What follows is a list of those things you know you do in your daily life, but you didn’t realise that everyone else actually does them too (usually without admitting it).  259 more words

Just Chatting

Some notes on how I perceive things.

Sometimes I’ll look down at my feet when they’re right next to each other (this happens often if I’m standing). If they’re close enough I’ll change my perception of which one is further forward than the other. 675 more words

Life Stuff

Help me Satan

I’m not religious. I never was and I probably won’t ever be. I wouldn’t call myself an atheist because I might not believe in God, as in God, but I do believe in a sort of a higher power. 451 more words


Poem for Coincidence (poem 17)

First the man in front of Picasso,

Guernica. A customer from the store

where I was a cashier. I didn’t know

his name. What I remember more… 64 more words

True Love, Synchronicity and the Other Side

My boyfriend Andrew’s grandmother is on the other side, but she is responsible in a sense for us meeting each other, and has given us confirmation that our relationship was destined.   849 more words