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Fate or coincidence

I have been wondering if the things that have happened to me recently is fate or just a coincidence.

After my relationship ended I realised many things that could have been a hint to me that my relationship was going to end but at the time I was oblivious and now I’m wondering if it was a hint or just a coincidence. 1,351 more words


It really is a small world...

My nan, aged 70, writes to a woman in Toowoon Bay, Australia. Yesterday a lovely girl called Cassie messaged me and she’s from the same place and she has the same surname. 13 more words


The Unmistakeableness Of Providence

We are not all so different.  “What I do, so shall you….and do even greater things…”  It is all a matter of focus, care, concern, interest.  1,366 more words


Finally, Tumblr Pictures!

I don’t personally have tumblr, but I love tumblr screen shots and some tumblrs. I like your’s. It’s usually super cute :D . And seriously, if you guys ever need my help with it, I am usually just a phone call or facebook message away. 74 more words



Coincidence happens.  Unlikely things occur.  Believers of magic (like religion and spiritualism) often interpret coincidences and unlikely things as evidence of a ‘god’ or ‘higher power’.   159 more words

Wee Willie Winkie

Now how’s that for a coincidence? Only a few days before reading the post by Gluestick Mum about the nursery rhyme ‘Wee Willie Winkie’ we’d come across this whilst wandering around the memorials in Glasgow Necropolis!


White House says just a coincidence CIA director is in Ukraine

Nothing wrong with recycling the same old lies!

Sanctions have been the most visible sign of U.S. anger at Russia’s annexation of the Crimea region in southern Ukraine last month, reflecting the deepest plunge in U.S.-Russian relations since the Cold War.

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