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The Long Island Coincidence

So i was just looking at a job opening in Ronkonkoma, Long Island. It seems like a good position, I may apply for it.

But Ronkonkoma is waaaaaaaaaaay EAST on Long Island and I’m waaaaaaaaaaay WEST (Brooklyn is on the western-most tip of Long Island.) 134 more words


Coincidence and Change

Today as I walked down the last of the untouched snow from the first blizzard of 2015 I thought about where I am. Not so much physically, but mentally about where I am at 27. 998 more words

Jokes II

How many people like jokes? I know I do. One of the benefits of writing my Freedom Friday posts is that it gives me the opportunity to write about whatever’s on my mind. 471 more words

Freedom Friday

Tom Petty lightly weighs in on Sam Smith's ripping off of "Won't Back Down"

I normally try to avoid songs like Sam Smith’s Grammy-nominated hit, “Stay With Me”. It’s not that I’m a hard-hearted wretch who can’t stand a bit of sappiness, but, really, would it have killed the guy to throw a wailing guitar solo in there somewhere? 423 more words

Rock Legends

Chinese Fortunes Do Not Equal Causation

I find fortune cookies to at least be entertaining, if nothing else. I cracked this one open and had to chuckle. I’ve been laid off my primary job for the past two weeks and quit my second job over a month ago. 401 more words

Just For Funsies


About a week and a half ago was HK fashion week and the only event I got to attend was a fashion competition for young up and coming HK designers. 191 more words

Expat Living

A look at luck

We all know what luck is, most of us have seen it in action and some of us may claim to have benefited from it, but it is no ‘it’. 280 more words