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An Icelandic 'Coincidence' …

Another one of my colleagues who related to the topic of my blog was Julie Florio. Julie had a very interesting, more “Hollywood-y” kind of coincidence which she shared with me. 216 more words


80 days, no coincidence

I have started to not believe in coincidence anymore, I don’t think strange things just happen for no reason. I don’t think that song that you just really need to hear comes on while you are at a coffee shop or that you just happen to bump into someone far from home just because. 545 more words


In Rome, do as the Romans do…

The tourist marvels at the intricate figures and stories on carved stone columns in Rome,

Imagining a stonemason/carver scooped up by the Roman Legions and brought as a slave with his family alongside for his ‘new’ life, 218 more words

Ekphrastic Art

A writer’s career ‘coincidence’…

After sharing my blog topic with some of my classmates and discussing the theme, a few of them expressed how they linked with my topic and many of my posts. 235 more words


Can't Do a Thing Without God

So, I just completed National Novel Writing Month through the Young Writers Program, and I’m feeling pretty excited about having another novel finished. This one, I feel, has the best message yet, and I’ve learned a lot about different writing styles, especially from Jenny B. 257 more words


Lovely Knots

Originally written 09-25-14

I believe in fixed points of time.  Free will is rampant, and daily choices are made at the micro-level in the span of a nanosecond, but in the ever-evolving tapestry of life, some points are tied up by fate in advance, destined to make a knotted appearance no matter what the thread before it chooses to be, or do.  478 more words


Would You Like To Be My Coincidence?

I was sitting in bed my, my computer on my lap, and was just starting to write today’s post, suddenly I heard a song, softly playing next to me. 570 more words