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I’ve been noticing that there have been a lot of common threads running through my life these days. For the first time in my life, the pieces are all seeming to fit together. 519 more words

Life is funny sometimes...

The first time I met Scott wasn’t June of this year…

It was 15 years ago. I remember him, but he doesn’t remember me. I was his waitress at a local, family owned restaurant. 152 more words


What A Coincidence?

I was serving for the past two nights in Usher team. This photo was taken during the interval break between praise and worship and the alter call. 605 more words


What goes around comes around

I have often heard people say this but I have no idea what it means, though the events of the last few weeks may illustrate it. 283 more words


The Yellow Fountain

My photo with this yellow fountain evokes some lights on my almost skeptical mind.

Get that pen and think for a while. Should I write or just endure the temptation of the night. 127 more words


My Head's Underwater But I'm Breathing FIRE

2 months and one week ago, on my 30th birthday, I decided to change my life. That I would become more focused and care more about the things needed to move forward rather than things that give me temporary relief. 825 more words



Was kinda hoping to see you again, but kinda wanted to jump off a cliff when I saw you.

Coincidence. The most bitter irony of what wasn’t meant to be. 27 more words