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New Year, New Coins

Thanks Jiddan for my new limited edition Philippine Coins!
Adding them to my collection.,
Cant wait to get my commemorative Pope Francis Bills soon also!

I Love My Friends! :)

January 26, 2015

When you don’t get out you gotta get creative, right? If pointing your camera at whatever’s closest to you can be called creative that is… If I don’t power through the suckiness quick, and get out of this slump, I don’t how I’m gonna make it for the year that this blog is supposed to at least last. 15 more words


Ludo, digitally!

The kids are super excited that their father and I have joined them for a game of Ludo. We are a little rusty but quickly reacquaint. 315 more words

Everyday Moments

Mona Rudao (莫那魯道) Commemorated on NT$20 pieces

Mona Rudao, the chief of Seediq tribe during the Wushe incident – a rebellion against Japanese rule which ended in a violent crackdown and Rudao’s suicide, has been commemorated on a NT$20 piece that I was handed at a restaurant yesterday. 133 more words


Squash Blossom

This necklace reminds me of the Native American squash blossom jewelry.  I’m not quite sure why, since there are no flowers and no squash motifs, but there you have it. 110 more words


Seigniorage In Bimetal Coins

Seigniorage A coin was, in concept, simply a piece of precious metal (usually gold or silver) the weight and fineness of which was guaranteed by the ruler whose name, portrait or symbol was stamped on the coin. 401 more words