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Today's Toons 7/29/14


Today’s Toons 7/29/14The Right Reasons ^ | 7/29/14 | pookie18Posted on 7/29/2014, 4:30:31 AM by pookie18Click on link.

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Lesson on FBI, CIA, Informants, Activist, Provocateurs, Infiltrators Deceivers Disinfo Agents

In this video, thepostnihilist describes how Disinformation Agents, Perpetrators, Informants and Provocateurs infiltrate into organizations and into individual lives.


Targeted Individuals

Unwitting Experimentee reblogged this on COINTELPRO 2014 & the Truth About Organized Stalking & 21st Century Torture and commented:

This is an excellent video describing the techniques that disinformation agents, informants, shills, double agents and all paid infiltrators and perpetrators use to discredit, subvert, obfuscate and undermine the truth, legitimate targeted individuals and organizations. This is a must watch for targeted individuals as they are most likely being manipulated and undermined in this way--either personally or through an organization that they belong to or have reached out to for help. All real targets experience this because it is part of what Linda Lesker--a known CoIntelPro operative and disinformation agent--calls "The Operation".

Alex Jones really is Bill Hicks

1. Physical evidence proves Alex is really Bill Hicks:
– Teeth exactly match.

- Facial alignment measurements are exactly the same.

– Side facial alignment (profile) also the same. 1,809 more words

What's So And Not So

Government Agents ‘Directly Involved’ In Almost All High-Profile U.S. Terror Plots (Video)

(N.Morgan) The FBI may have created some terrorists out of innocent citizens, to employ more tyranny and restrictions on our way of life. Nearly all of the highest-profile domestic terrorism plots in the United States since 9/11 featured the “direct involvement” of government agents or informants, a new report says. 479 more words


Frightening People into Silence - Andrew P. Napolitano

“Chilling” is the word lawyers use to describe governmental behavior that does not directly interfere with constitutionally protected freedoms, but rather tends to deter folks from exercising them. 456 more words


Gang Stalking. My story...

Original Date of Report: February 15, 2014

Last Updated: July 1, 2014

Filed with Bend Police Department on 2/24/14

Case Number: 2013-00225086

Author of Report: T.B. 6,990 more words

Kevin Annett to Appear on Alex Jones in One Hour Interview

Kevin Annett, who recently bemoaned the fact that RT (Russia Today) denied the opportunity of a one-hour interview with his highness, is set to appear on the Alex Jones Show sometime in the next week or so.   1,346 more words

Kevin Annett