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The St. Louis Riots: Where's COINTELPRO?

TRUTHstreammedia, Aug 14, 2014

Someone had to ask it; might as well be us. Mel here. I pretty much suggested this three days ago when everyone was talking about Robin Williams and milking his death for all its media worth in the second article linked below. 103 more words

Civil War/Unrest

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Technologies that alter behavior and attack the human mind and nervous system are being used on a grand scale in secrecy.

Ambitious scientists and entrepreneurs want to demystify the soul by describing the information theories and common fundamental algorithms of human beings, usher in a new dawn for mankind and play an important role in the creation of our collective future. 28 more words

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Young, Gifted, Black, and an Eye Transparent

Young, Gifted, Black, and an Eye Transparent

I am still in the “Tan Journal.”  And I am still going to the Van Pelt library at UPENN almost daily.  1,890 more words

Chilling Apocalyptic New Video Exposes NWO Depopulation Agenda... | New World Order

Before It’s News

Watching this chilling video below is something New World Order powers that be PTB, such as the billionaire Koch brothers, do not want to happen because it proves what they are saying and doing to manipulate the ordinary citizen is not in the best interest of humanity. 194 more words

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Why you are being gang stalked.

First of all, congratulations. After how many years (………) fill in the blank here, of being the target of community vigilante stalking, you have discovered what has been happening to you. 1,665 more words

Today's Toons 7/29/14


Today’s Toons 7/29/14The Right Reasons ^ | 7/29/14 | pookie18Posted on 7/29/2014, 4:30:31 AM by pookie18Click on link. 73 more words

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