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Stephen Colbert's Last Night In Town

But we thought he was gone
But he’s come back again
Last week it was funny
And now the joke’s wearin’ thin
‘Cause everyone knows now…
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Examining Where We Get Our News

Staff Editorial

The Technician inaugurated its semester by attempting, as it frequently does, to shoot itself in the foot. But more importantly, it also—advertently or inadvertently—attempted to hurt the rising reputation of this publication. 275 more words


2014 Year in Review: The Best and Worst Shows This Season

Every time I find myself bored or grumpy, I remind myself how lucky I am to be living in this new, truly Gold Age of Television. 2,712 more words

Sons Of Anarchy

Elizabeth Gomez: 2014 Go Fuck Yourself

Dear 2014,

I’ll be honest, we had a good time… at first. You were like a soured short term relationship. Like the time I was working at that mall in Santa Anita and I started dating Carlos from Orange Julius. 611 more words

Elizabeth Gomez

New Year's Eve Torture

Groan. Another year whips by and here am I facing the worst, most torturous time of the year.

For, if ever there was a holiday I can’t stand and would love to see sink into oblivion, it’s New Year’s Eve. 1,042 more words


2014 In Review: Transit + Placemaking

The past year saw some considerable progress on both the public transit and placemaking fronts in cities across the country:

“This Was a Good Year for Transit Progress” 206 more words