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From childhood through high-school, I was always in love with someone. I would fall in love with someone new every year and break my heart afterwards….or so I thought. 550 more words

Personal Drama

Cold Hearted Girl

I’m not cold hearted in that I hurt people, at least not any more, and not intentionally. I mean that I am cold towards love and the concept of love. 1,198 more words


The girl with the cold heart.
Mean glares and sharp tongue.
Nothing seems to affect her.
Maybe it did once.
Perhaps she loved so deeply… 65 more words

To Be Or Not to Be...Bitter

Afternoon, Cobblers and Cobblettes!!
I don’t even know how to feel today. ☺:(😒😐😯😑😈:evil:💔💙
I have question for my Peachlettes, What makes a bitter woman? Or should I rephrase it, what makes women bitter? 338 more words

College Issues