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Serves 12

Comment: Gazpacho is pretty simple to make, just make sure that you have a nice bottle of sherry vinegar and some decent olive oil for this recipe to make it shine. 128 more words


Farmer's Market Gazpacho

We came upon an article in our local newspaper about gazpacho – a cold soup – and it was so persuasive I just had to try it out for myself. 266 more words

Chilled corn and shrimp soup

‘Tis the season for delicious corn!

No matter what your favorite corn treat is (corn on the cob, corn salsa, corn salad …. the list goes on), summer is the perfect time to get… 233 more words


Gazpacho: The Summery Gift that Keeps on Giving

I had a deep craving for gazpacho last week. After reverting to a (somewhat pseudo) healthy food regimen after my artery-clogging New Orleans extravaganza, I was jonesing for the refreshing, vegetal, flavors of this summertime soup. 102 more words

Pickle In The Kitchen

Green Pea Summer Soup

I’ve been into green soups lately, mainly because of all the delicious summer vegetables. But turns out that this soup is made entirely from ingredients that you likely already have in your fridge and freezer. 79 more words


Arugula, Endive & Avocado Soup

It was a rather hot day and I felt like having soup, but did not want to have hot soup somehow.  So I thought of making a cold soup instead and decided upon arugula as I usually enjoy it in salads and figured it would make a nice soup as well. 330 more words


Watermelon You Waiting For?

Hi, friends!  It’s been a coon’s age since I’ve written a post, but now that the whole graduate school thing is over, I have a little more time to do the things I used to do enjoying, like making fancy food and taking pictures of it.   132 more words