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I spent all of last week with a migraine as the result of going cold on turkey on my caffeine habit. Cold turkey? Try not drinking any coffee for two days and see what starts happening to your head. 187 more words


Table Topic Tuesday. 4/15.

It’s Table Topic Tuesday time!  And here’s the question:

I’ll give y’all a few.

1. Gum. I go through a lot. I’m not picky, but Orbit Sweet Mint is my favorite. 770 more words



About 5 years ago, I would drink just about everything without thinking about my waistline. Starbucks, soda, sports drinks, smoothies loaded with sugar, you name it, I was probably drinking it. 408 more words

Review - Cold Turkey

Disclaimer: This review is based upon an advance proof of Cold Turkey, provided by TTA Press.

Cold Turkey marks TTA Press’ third entry in their novella series and was written by Carole Johnstone, who has contributed a number of stories to TTA’s… 744 more words


New Meds

Things haven’t been too great as of late, I’ve been feeling pretty low, sorry for myself and been having some awful thoughts, similar to the early days of my adventure with depression. 529 more words

Mental Health

Psychoactive illustrations

About two years ago I was commissioned to do some illustrations for a popular psychology book about drugs that affect your brain. The authors wanted cartoons, and at the time I had never really drawn cartoons. 115 more words


My vice is hard to get rid of.

So I started smoking a couple years ago, nothing huge you think? Well consider this, I would usually go through a pack in four days. Now it’s two days. 135 more words