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Obama launches COLD WAR with Russia

Captain Rick: President Obama has destroyed a relationship with Russia that the world applauded President Ronald Reagan for building when he stated those famous words “Tear down that wall” at the Brandenburg Gate near the Berlin Wall on June 12, 1987.  566 more words

Captain Rick

Propaganda Cartoons

My brother was playing Fallout: New Vegas yesterday and it reminded me of how much I like  the aesthetic of propaganda from the Cold War and learning about the period. 247 more words


US accuses Russia of violating 1987 nuclear treaty based on tests in 2008

Jason Ditz writes for Antiwar:

‘In a move that seems timed more or less entirely to add to tensions with Russia, the Obama Administration h… 125 more words


Anthony Burgess, 'Tremor of Intent' (1966)

To some of us, the wresting of beauty out of language is the only thing in the world that matters.

The more I learn about Anthony Burgess, the more I like him. 972 more words


Assess the policy of Containment during the Cold War in reference to President Richard Nixon.

Nixon began his presidency in 1969 with the realisation that his foreign policy had to differ from that of his predecessor’s. In terms of Vietnam he wanted to ensure that there was ‘Peace with Honor’. 3,245 more words

Cold War memories from arcade's past - SDI

Not to be confused with Cinemaware’s S.D.I. which initially came out in 1986 (and whose lawyers might sue for ‘marketplace confusion’ today), 1987’s SDI was an action-packed arcade game released by Sega capitalizing on Ronald Reagan’s idea for the Strategic Defense Initiative. 1,005 more words


Ready, Reset, Go! ...to Cold War 2.0 | OpEdNews

The New Great Game in Eurasia never ceases to thrill with extreme plot twists. The Big Three players remain the same: the US, Russia and China. 102 more words

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