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As Cuba Thaws, is the Cold War Back in Europe?

Jim Rosapepe (Ambassador to Romania, 1998-2001)

Cross-posted from Ambassador Rosapepe’s December 22, 2014 article in the Diplomatic Courier.


Twenty-five years to the month after Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu was deposed, President Obama announced normalization of relations with Communist Cuba. 711 more words

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Sanctions in Cuba: the half-guarded gate

So the Cold War has ended (twenty-three years ago), and the United States is now looking to a more normal relationship with Cuba. The embargo is still untouched and would require a hostile Congress to fully cast aside. 329 more words




By Sam Garfield

Feb 25, 1958

(Edgewater Beach Hotel) –What’s it been, four months since the Russians launched their first Sputnik? Four months –shorter than a baseball season; one semester of school; about the proper amount of time to fashion a good nervous breakdown. 791 more words


East Is Forward: The Russian Threat

This Christmas season is going to be a fitful one for residents in Eastern Europe. The conflict in the Ukraine shows no signs of ending soon. 923 more words

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