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Not the Coolest July Ever?

Every day I attend our afternoon news meeting to give a weather briefing and answer our news team’s questions about what’s happening with the weather. When I told the group that this was in fact NOT the coolest July we’ve ever had, even Robert Reeves, a man who remembers everything from the 1974 tornadoes to the Revolutionary War’s impact on the tract of land that would eventually become Huntsville (kidding – he’s not really that old), was surprised. 354 more words


Night Crawler Journals Sn 2. Ep 8: Bedridden

Ep. 8: Bedridden!                                      October 8th 2018

The long wooden door slowly creeks open, revealing the outside world that Aeron hasn’t been a part of for almost a month now. 663 more words

Night Crawler Journals

Health Benefits of Drinking Cold Water

Water is the Best Drink for Health

Doctors have always stressed on the fact to keep hydrated water is the best option for your health. When you traditionally follow the eight to ten glass water rule, it’s best to consume water every hour of the day.  329 more words

T2-12 The things we never say are better often left alone

The title comes from a song by a band, Hurts, called “Unspoken”. I heard that song back in early September last year. It’s fitting I suppose that I started hearing the songs that I did around that time. 986 more words


Maths Camp... Yes, really!

So I haven’t written lately because I’ve been bogged down with work but also because I spent the entire weekend on camp. Specifically Maths Camp. Yes my school really sends us in our last school weeks of our last year on a compulsory camp solely dedicated to maths. 337 more words

South Africa

Baby's First Cold

Baby JOOD’s cold started with a sneeze, then another sneeze and another. It was his first cold. Fortunately it happened when we visited Leicester and were among friends. 281 more words


Muyas Pittsburgh Pawn Shop - Workman Patton Heater - $19 (Pittsburgh - Northside)

Muyas Pittsburgh Pawn Shop is selling a Workman Patton Space Heater.

like new condition.

still in box.

Some assembly required.

Asking price is $20 and is negotiable. 100 more words