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River Tweed

Been experimenting with the panoramic button on the camera without reading the instructions, so the first attempts were like a cubist painting, only without the spatial intelligence. 44 more words

The Lees in April

Walking by the Leet I could see above me the big expanse of farmland known as the Lees was edged with a crowd of vehicles, first of all I thought it might be travellers, or some local event, but it was an army of farm vehicles rented to turn over the soil and seed the field. 178 more words

April Fishing on River Tweed

Two men and a dog, a saltire in the background, one fine day in the Scottish Borders (only technically, the fishermen are either in no-man’s land, or in Northumberland, being on the far side of the river). 13 more words

Young Blackbird in the Garden

I may be wrong, but I don’t think this bird is very old, it has that fat fluffiness about it still.  The blackbirds more or less disappeared until we started throwing out apple cores round the bird table, and now suddenly the garden is full of them. 187 more words

Shetland Pony and Pile of Stones

A neat little character, in a very tidy horse blanket. I think this may be a skewbald Shetland under that covering, we shall see….

Muddy-faced Horse

This handsome horse has a companion, I am glad to say, unlike the mournful character who inhabited this field at the tail-end of last year. This horse just looked at me mildly, not bothering to approach nor to back-off, obviously quite happy in this field with its equine companion, a Shetland pony. 26 more words