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On learning a new keyboard layout

I’m learning Colemak. It’s like your typical keyboard, but you switch the letters around. There are tons of other blogs out there that give a fuller history, but I will give you a brief one here: Because of the physical limitations of mechanical typewriters, the best layout of keys at the time was an inefficient, uncomfortable staggered layout where frequently-used keys were placed in hard-to-reach places. 573 more words


On Colemak

So I’m learning the Colemak keyboard layout. I’m typing this post at a blistering 15 words per minute, but it feels like 15 words per hour. 49 more words


Good Bye Colemak... It's Been Fun

My journey with Colemak has come to an end. I know I have debated about its merits and flaws on quite a few posts, but I do feel its time to move on to something better for me in the long run. 663 more words