Racewear Inspiration

It’s that exciting time of the year again! From ladylike dresses to striking statement pieces, we’ve covered all the race wear inspiration you need.

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Poems For A Solitary Hour-Dear Colette by Erica Jong

Dear Colette,

I want to write to you

about being a woman

for that is what you write to me.

I want to tell you how your face… 219 more words

Benny Thomas

Inside Deb's Euro Trip

Q. Can you give us a brief synopsis of your trip/Why you went?

A. I go to Europe semi-annually for inspiration…color, pattern, trend!  I like to do my own editing as I work my way through the fashion capitals.I begin my trip by covering Premier Vision/ Indigo  which are the most important international fabric and print fairs just outside Paris…then I walk the streets of Paris, Milan and London looking for new bag shapes, fashion trends and color to print directions that could influence direction for SCOUT… 512 more words


STEFAN MARX (born in 1979), a German artist based in Hamburg, presented his “STONE IN THE RIVER” exhibition between July 15 – August 30.

In 1995, he created his own tshirt brand “THE LOUSY LIVINCOMPANY” to publish his drawings on t-shirts, and worked for different skateboard and t-shirt labels, and for music industry for SMALLVILLE RECORDS, the label of his own band THE DEAD SEA. 92 more words


Indie4Less: Myrtle Dress by Colette

The Myrtle was, uh, not well-received on GOMI, to say the least. Fortunately, StitchWench offered up this Vogue alternative, which has a zipper in the back (easily removed if using stretch fabrics) and ZOMG POCKETS. 39 more words