To renounce the vanity

One must be terribly old, Margot said to me one day, to renounce the vanity of living under someone’s gaze.

The Vagabond, Colette

On Wednesday I lifted recipe books and Christmas magazines from the shelf in the kitchen & sat at the table, coffee in hand, planning what to cook over the holidays.

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Stray Thoughts

Peony Update and a Photobomb

I’ve been talking about Peony so much that I figured it was only fair to give an update.  Besides, it’s pretty much all I’ve been doing. 394 more words


What's in a my name?

My parents named me Colette. Not for any special reason. Not after the writer who I’m sure they never heard of (not being judgmental; just stating a fact). 435 more words


A festive Zinnia

Ciao Ciao!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve now well and truly cracked out the Michael Buble Christmas hits and it certainly is beginning to look a lot like Christmas… :-) so on that note, I decided to use some lovely navy and forest green tartan that I had in my stash and have a go at making myself a skirt using the Zinnia pattern by Colette. 314 more words

Lost Youth; A True Story

Early synopsis:

Lost Youth Synopsis 12/10/14

#1 Amazon bestselling Author Shaun Webb’s sixth full-length work, and second true crime study, Lost Youth; A True Story, delves into a fateful October 1981 night in Waterford, Michigan that rocked a quiet family’s peace and shook an entire community to its deepest emotional depth. 194 more words



Here’s the thing with my body and sewing.  I fit standard patterns pretty well.  My waist is thicker (thank you kids!) but that’s usually easy to take care of, either by grading between sizes or reducing the seam allowance at the waist area.   466 more words


Minivan Stickers

I never understood why people put these on their windshield:

Like, what if a killer comes into your house and you hide your kids, pets and spouse, and you try to convince the killer that there’s no one but you? 114 more words