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Conservative disappointment in Craig

While some Conservatives are disappointed that John Key has shut the door on an electorate deal for Colin Craig other conservatives were already disappointed in Colin Craig, who has been called a faux conservative. 822 more words


Craig's contradictions

Colin Craig didn’t rule out taking advantage of a helping hand from National in East Coast Bays but now John Key has ruled it out … 256 more words


Conservatives wrong about the Treaty

As a party with purportedly Christian leanings the Conservative’s line on the Treaty settlement process is a disappointment. Yesterday party leader Colin Craig was reported speaking to a group of supporters in Nelson saying that the Waitangi Tribunal had contributed little to Maori progress in 40 years and most people would like it shut down ( 283 more words

Ewen McQueen

Kick high-income earners out of Manitoba social housing: Taxpayers Federation

Buoyed by the response of the Manitoba government, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is now calling for a change in legislation that would boot high-income earners out of social housing. 254 more words


A better direct democracy idea

Colin Craig has told his party faithful that binding referenda will be a bottom line in any post-election coalition deal.

Let’s assume for a moment that National ends up needing the Conservatives, and that Colin Craig becomes the kingmaker after the election. 284 more words


The problem with bottom lines...

It looks increasingly unlikely that National will offer Colin Craig an electorate deal in East Coast Bays. Leaving aside the horrible spectre for National of Winston Peters going toe to toe with Mr Craig, leveraging the added publicity to ensure NZ First get over the 5% threshold, and beating Mr Craig in the process, there’s now the added issue of the Conservative Party’s bottom line. 348 more words


Craig rules Conservatives out of govt

Conservative leader Colin Craig is planning to contest the East Coast Bays seat.

He hasn’t made a formal approach but he’s keen for sitting MP Murray McCully to stand aside in the hope that people who voted for the National MP would back Craig instead. 613 more words