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Editing through sound and movement

Teachers understand the value of active listening and active reading. In a writing class, there is also great value in active editing.

For example, some teachers tell students to read their paper out loud to themselves in a quiet room. 557 more words


On a journey to think critically

Colin Ward looks at how to support students to think critically in the language classroom. Colin is a Professor of ESOL at Lone Star College – North Harris in Houston, Texas. 1,289 more words

Adults / Young Adults

A New Role for Group Work

Waiting for an elevator at the Colorado TESOL conference, I heard two teachers complaining about a session they had attended. “The presenter was only talking,” said a tall woman in an engineer’s cap. 926 more words


Participial Phrases and the Goldilocks Effect

Explaining participial phrases, it is exhausting. The problem with the sentence I just wrote is that I needed a gerund phrase, but I got confused. This is a common occurrence when students are first introduced to participial phrases. 384 more words


Anarchist voting : voting Anarchist

In 6 months on 7th May 2015 we have the opportunity to vote out the shambles of the Con-Dem Coalition and condemn David Cameron to the scrapheap of “one term Prime Ministers”, and Nick Clegg to where he belongs… wherever that may be! 1,229 more words

A Resource for English Language Teachers

We are teachers, teacher trainers, and materials writers.  To us, the English language is a living, breathing creature, always on the move, elusive, and endlessly fascinating.  98 more words


Making Group Work Work

Truthfully, sometimes it is easier to just lecture. The default mode of the traditional classroom is that the teacher is standing, sometimes pacing, while students are sitting, watching, listening, and taking notes. 1,111 more words