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How to bring abstract words to life

As educators, we often rely on pictures to teach new vocabulary to students. It works perfectly for concrete words. A quick search on Google Images will often give us the exact image we need to illustrate such words as… 356 more words

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It's a time thing: Activities for practicing the past perfect

“It’s the past of the past,” I often say when explaining the past perfect to intermediate learners. However, this can sound odd, as if we were wandering someplace long ago and far away. 1,545 more words

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English Endeavors: Searching for uncharted territory in ESOL

We are teachers, teacher trainers, and materials writers.  To us, the English language is a living, breathing creature, always on the move, elusive, and endlessly fascinating.  72 more words

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The Vocabulary - Grammar Continuum: A third approach to activity design

Alice Savage and Colin Ward are professors of ESOL at Lone Star College – North Harris in Houston, USA.  This article is adapted from their presentation ‘Beginning Writing Students and the Vocabulary-Grammar Continuum’ at the 2014 International TESOL Conference in Portland, Oregon. 977 more words

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Grammar Journals: The continuum at work

 Last year, our department did some soul-searching about our grammar classes. We had become increasingly concerned that students were learning grammar in a way that trapped it in tidy little boxes. 1,047 more words

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