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Invisible Illness

I had a pretty decent day today. My appetite isn’t back to how it normally is, but my energy level was pretty consistent.

Work was a bit annoying because I was stuck doing a two person shift by myself. 492 more words

Ulcerative Colitis

Second Remicade Day Log

Today was definitely an interesting one. It was my first time getting a medical treatment as an outpatient that wasn’t dental work or getting my tonsils removed. 1,118 more words

Ulcerative Colitis


I know I’m overweight. I think I’m one of the lucky few who hasn’t lost a single pound from this disease. Of course, it would be nice if I was at a healthy weight to begin with. 308 more words

Ulcerative Colitis

Time Out

An Important Reminder

Sometimes, we forget to…stop. pause. take a breather. we ignore the warning signs. we turn a blind eye to what our body is telling us. 163 more words


5 Tips to get through Bowel Surgery.

During my recent bowel surgery I decided to be very proactive about getting my bowel to start moving again and being discharged feeling well. I have 5 tips that helped me through my major bowel surgery. 547 more words

Crohns Disease

Good news (finally)

I finally have good news! I’ve finally got a Remicade appointment for tomorrow! I can’t wait to get back on schedule with things.

Four weeks late isn’t that bad, right? 181 more words

Ulcerative Colitis

ShitRep: Normal

It’s taken nearly five years. Five years where I’ve ranged from being too ill to hold up a book, to being able to travel abroad with only minor concerns. 971 more words

"The Biography Of The Philospher"