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Following on from my last post, things deteriorated with Bertie over the weekend so thank goodness I’d already booked a Vet appointment for Monday afternoon.  On top of Bert’s back pain, the Vet thinks he now has colitis (ie bowel inflammation) and he’s not sure how much of the recent pain is actually his back, as stomach pain can also look like back pain in dogs. 981 more words

Miniature Schnauzer

Lemon Zest Your Life

We’ve all heard that you can change your life by adjusting a few simple things. What if I told you that by adding one thing to your daily routine you could change your overall body health completely?  822 more words


Rx drama . . . sighs

Since I had to increase my prescription intake, I ran out of pills a lot sooner then expected. And with the impending “snowstorm” (fingers crossed for a snow day) I don’t want to be stuck in my apartment with no pills. 253 more words

Chronic Illness

11 months.

I haven’t blogged in..2 months. That’s pathetic. SORRY.

It’s been busy with the 5th issue of Companion Magazine coming out, the holiday’s, starting my own freelance thing, you know, the usual procrastination excuses. 1,040 more words

More drugs, yay!!

Since my symptoms have not changed in the past month and I actually feel worst, I called my GI’s office.  I explained the symptoms I was still having  and he stated we will need to increase your prescription intake.   115 more words

Chronic Illness

Lymphocytic Colitis & Me: How to prevent a flare from tearing you down

As stated in some of my previous posts, I have a type of colitis that can really put a damper on daily activities. Still, I enjoy being athletic. 1,211 more words

Me, Colitis, and College... don't mix

It’s not easy living with ulcerative colitis in college.

In fact going through life with the disease is such a difficult task.

I’m in my second year of college, living on campus, with too much freedom for my own good, and I’m sadly not taking care of my health as I should be. 123 more words