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For The Love of Coffee

Yes, even though you know the consequences of eating junk food, sugar, soft drinks and dairy products, something in your heart or mind tells you that you just can’t live without coffee. 268 more words


Ultimate Weight Loss Plan, discover Crohn's in yourself and drop 13lb!!!

In July, I weighed just under 55kg. This is quite a lot for me, as I’ve always averaged between 56-58 kilos since my mid-teens. It was a great improvement from my surgery, which at my lowest I dropped to 50.5 kilos. 433 more words

Living With Crohn's Disease.

Weekly Goals

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Never forget to set goals! A list of challenging, yet reasonable goals is the key to any success plan: 171 more words


Miracle Oil

I have been using a large quantity  of medication over the past few years and have decided to do some research on Natural remedies that might give some sort of relief for IBS and that does not cause any harm to the the other organs as you all know if it good for one thing it damages the other like my poor liver. 168 more words

What Should Eating Gluten Free Mean?

It should mean getting back to basics of eating real foods that our ancestors ate 100 years ago or more, but with some twists. Not buying up all the trendy gluten free products on the store shelves.When a loaf of bread or bagels weren’t filled with artificial ingredients and preservatives with high sugar contents. 299 more words

Healthy Living

CookieCakes Feels Sorry for Herself

I have a summer cold.  No big deal, right?

Hopefully not, but I am immuno-suppressed due to my Remicade treatments, and I’m due for my next treatment on Friday.  286 more words

That's Life

August - Part 2

So, August has passed, my first month in this battle and its safe to say I haven’t won.  Finding out from the hospital that they can find no known reason for the pain under my ribs but what do you know the pain persists.   316 more words