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Alpha Leadership 2014

Alpha Leadership is a program at CMU open to anyone who wants to improve and learn more about their leadership skills, as well as learn the different kinds of leadership styles. 326 more words


Mentor/Mentee Retreat

As a Leadership Advancement Scholar, I had the incredible opportunity to have received an amazing mentor. Being apart of Leadership Advancement Scholarship Program, it is a tradition to have a mentor your freshman year and then the next year I will receive my own mentee. 247 more words


Leadership Safari 2014

I was both completely terrified and completely excited to participate in Leadership Safari 2014. I was all by myself with nearly 2,000 people I didn’t know and I really had no idea what to expect. 229 more words


Follow Up-- Where to Crop?

This was a very useful exercise, I posted on Thursday asking for some help with this image. I realize now, I was so fixed on the rocks and timing the wave splash that I didn’t pay attention to where they were in the frame. 267 more words


Where to crop?

This is a bit of an unconventional post, I guess. I am asking for some help.

I posted these images on my Facebook page yesterday and received some great feedback from friends and family. 294 more words


Trusted Pair Collaberation

Sam and I are a trusted teaching pair, and Saturday morning we visited each other’s classes 2nd and 3rd periods, then spent about an hour debriefing. 321 more words

Pure Bar & Adams Restaurant Collaberation

A few weeks ago, (well actually its over a month now because I’m so slow at managing to write up my blogs) along with some fellow foodies, the Out in Brum bloggers and Mr @Stegabyte and his lovely wife we excitedly headed up to… 528 more words

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