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Cello con affetto 2: Cellists in Love- Tomo and Nao Toyoda (Japan)

Today  I bring you the  story of Tomo and Nao Toyoda – two cellists who met at a cello festival and fell in love.

DDoA: When did you start playing cello? 624 more words


Who's out there?

Catfish is a collaborative space, and we’ve already had some interaction, but we need more! If you could be one person, real or fictional, for a day, who would it be? Comment below!

The Founder


Getting Things Done: Better Call Agent 007-0827

Or should we call a prayer meeting?

“Agency” is a word for getting something done. In a philosophical sense, it is the capacity to act in the world… 330 more words


Let’s Get Liminal: How to be a Co–Laborer/Co-Thinker/Co-Contributor

Show up to explore the space between

My friend helps researchers at his Midwestern university organize their thoughts for publication. He also helps them apply for grants to fund their research—a function many universities are increasingly focused on. 303 more words


Nkwiry: A Free Collaborative Bookmarking Tool For Schools

A little while ago, I wrote a short overview of collaborative writing tools and amongst them was Scrawlar. What I didn’t know at the time was that Scrawlar was created by… 1,036 more words


Don't like Eclipse? Prefer IntelliJ Idea for Java Programming? FrostWire for Desktop is now IntelliJ ready

As of today, when you clone the frostwire-desktop github repository, you can now work from IntelliJIdea and build it right of.

Just make sure you put the following on the VM Options of the Application’s Run/Debug Configuration: 72 more words


TUT :: Link to Notes from the Universe

Mike Dooley is a genius!

He created a fabulous site, Tut’s Notes from the Universe, that sends daily motivational notes that will make you smile!

131 more words