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The Joys of Sisterhood

I’ve been thinking about the beauty of same sex friendships. For me, there is an emotional security – the German word is ‘Geborgenheit’ and describes this more accurately – about friendships between members of the same sex. 2,394 more words

Life Skills

Holy Hell - SS.

Furious that the Ball was now in a state of utter chaos, the Princess decides to face the menace head on, but not without a bit of help – or interference. 2,500 more words


Recipes from the Cosmic Crockpot

By Phen Weston and Christopher Rupley

Moments scattered across

the scaffold of time,

supportive and destructive

as they each name their

muses and victims wisely, 86 more words


Do you have a toxic collaborator?

At some time in everyone’s academic lives, there will be cause for collaboration angst.

It may all start golden: big ideas, excitement about working with new colleagues, the potential for fancy-pants funding and intellectual glory. 1,037 more words

Being Strategic

The key to education reform: change your mind #edreform #pd

The problem with education reform is that we keep attempting to change surface level systems and hoping for deep systemic change as a result. What we actually end up with is new standards, new curricula (usually replacing one one-size-fits-all with another one-size-fits-all), new technology initiatives, more professional development, added “rigorous” expectations, new standardized tests, new assessment systems, and new buzz words. 1,291 more words



Here are some behind the scenes photos from our Valentine’s campaign with a few of my blogger friends : Sona with her hubby Kas & … 55 more words