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How I passed the CCIE Voice (part II)

This is the second in three posts that describes how I eventually passed the CCIE Voice.  Part I can be found here.  This post describes my third and final (successful) attempt.


Cinquains from THE BACK YARD

Sitting out back with beautiful Spring weather, listening to birds and shooting the breeze, my friend Susan M. Olcott agreed to write some collaborative cinquains with me yesterday. 106 more words


How I passed the CCIE Voice (part I)

I eventually passed the CCIE Voice back in September 2012.  This and the next two posts are adapted from some comments I made on a study list at the time.   728 more words


Update on Curtobacterium and Other Musings

In my first year in the Eisen lab, I was lucky to be able to participate on the Undergraduate Genome Sequencing Project in which I published the draft genome of… 384 more words


Tracking Emergency Room patients across hospitals to decrease costs and improve care

An article in Bloombergbusinessweek (April 7,2014) titled “Hospitals share data to prevent ER abusers”, describes an effort in Washington state to pool data regarding ER patient treatments to prevent wasteful spending. 99 more words

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Trucking Salmon to the ocean to ensure future fishing

An article in Bloombergbusinessweek (april 7,2014) titled “In California,salmon hitch a ride to the sea”, describes the low water levels in California rivers this year prevent the young Chinook salmon from finding their way along the rivers to the ocean. 102 more words

Operations Management

Teamwork Works! Teambuilding has Positive Impacts.

There have been a variety of articles and posts on different leadership development groups taking the position that teamwork does not work to improve organizational performance. 821 more words

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