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Experiential knowledge and Story time

Thinking of Reading Strategies and what might work best for each age group when found myself circling back to the simple concept of “story”.  We tell a story; we share a story; we read a story; and we critique a movie if the story within it lacked “substance” or simply asked us as viewers to work “too hard” to follow a plot and grow with the characters.  676 more words

Experiential Knowledge- Practical Experience

The Evolution of Research on Computer-Supportted Collaborative Learning

The Evolution of Research on Computer-Supportted Collaborative Learning (From Design to Orchestration) by Pierre Dillenbourg, Sanna Järvelä and Frank Fisher.

This article opened the class of CSCL, the article is quite comprehensive and explains the different ideas and models related to CSCL,  how design has to be carefully planned in order to have an effective interaction… 74 more words

Collaborative Learning

Teaching geography to the hard-of-hearing

When I was told one of my observation classes had a a student who was hard-of hearing, I felt a number of different emotions. Firstly, I felt curious and wondered how the teacher would adapt his teaching strategies recognise this student’s needs. 427 more words

Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (Portfolio Assignment 3)

Now I am going to talk about (computer-supported) collaborative learning, also known as CSCL.

First, we need to realize there is a difference between the terms collaboration and co-operation. 543 more words


Stalham Academy Head on: Cooperative Learning & the Sutton Trust on Pupil Premium

The Headteacher, Mr Andrew Howard, discusses his rationale for introducing the structural approach to Cooperative Learning at Stalham Academy after becoming aware of the research of the Sutton Trust on the effective use of pupil premium published in this year’s  272 more words

Cooperative Learning

GIANT Word Winder®: Incorporating Movement with Learning

Recently our friend Diane Mc Innis, a Pediatric Physical Therapist, visited a GIANT Word Winder® demonstration.  She had this to say about the game and how incorporating movement and learning assists with maintaining attention to the task and appropriate arousal levels for all students, but especially those students who may be challenged with sensory modulation issues.   264 more words

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