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A Little Acknowledgement Goes a Long Way

Do you remember a teacher who acknowledged your work in school? A boss who complimented your work? I bet you do. If what comes to mind is pretty far back there, it might be because acknowledgements are sometimes few and far between, but if you look back, all our lives we have been rewarded and recognized for doing well in one way or another. 604 more words


Paper 2: Major Questions

Scholarship in writing center studies seems to revolve around the four big questions: what, where, why, and how. In this paper, I will tackle the two seemingly simple questions of… 1,981 more words

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Instructional Strategies: Group Work, STAD

A teacher notices that in some of the cooperative learning groups in class, the brightest students are doing all the work. What are some techniques that the teacher can use to keep this from happening? 427 more words

Instructional Strategy

Creating a team-like atmosphere in classes

Imagine a group of athletes from different sport that all have a  general idea about playing positions in the other sports. However, they  have little  to no idea how their skills stack up against other in their group, whom they barely know. 408 more words

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