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Through The Dust Of Destiny (Part III)

I learned to swim
the waves of love
through loss of self
writ by your touch.

This ocean lures
my longing soul
to drown itself… 55 more words


Through The Dust Of Destiny (Part II)

Our first words
were not a sentence
containing eight letters
as written in love’s history.

Our first words
were not sprinkled with
pixie dust or… 74 more words


Through The Dust Of Destiny (Part I)

I watched you from afar
with shy eyes and a beating heart
I wondered if you, too, felt like a mermaid
unable to move your legs upon solid ground? 90 more words


The Strangest Way

A collaborative poem between Cheryl Penn and myself over a period of some weeks.


I happened upon here,

by the Strangest Way.

tumbling convolutions
 620 more words


Translating Futures Without Clouds

By Phen Weston and Willow Stancombe

A cacophony of frogs detonates
The peaceful sleepy mood
Of a perfect loving embrace,
It does not ruin,
Only adds a voice… 127 more words


The Sacred Sheet

Under this sheet
a tale is hidden
written in the sacred language
of tongues

for the moon and his star
in the stillness of night… 81 more words


Beyond The Flames

I can’t remember the last
birthday that was happy
or the last drink that
was spurred
by elation.

Every year
there is a greater weight to… 122 more words