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Williams Tower

Just across the lawn from the Waterwall in Houston is this awesome building. And the lawn makes for a good picnic spot or ultimate frisbee field – if it is not pouring down rain like it tends to do in Houston.



It rained in Houston today, so since I was walking around wet, why not get up close and personal with the Waterwall? If you stand too close, in awe of the falling sheets of water like me, you will walk away with splash soaked jeans and shoes. I warned you…


First World Problems, Snow, and Soup

So the other day when it was 6 degrees Farenheit (-14 C) my garage door got a little bucky with the cold and I had to take off my seat belt, get out of the car, and manually close my garage door. 68 more words

Gratitude Journal

Mark Making and Material Exploration Project

A project that I did last year in which we had to incorporate both mark making and materials exploration and make them into something. I decided to create something in 3D. 125 more words