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Act of Empowerment


I do not usually like selfies. However, this one is an act of empowerment >:-)  The original photo was taken of my (abusive) exhusband  and myself while we were still in high school. 61 more words

the conquest of the Flems

a great people who were destroyed by their addiction to french fries

by David Halliday



This is an artist who goes by the name Karolusdiversion. (http://karolusdiversion.deviantart.com/) As you can see looking at his work he has used some of the filter tools in photoshop. 51 more words


James Drake: Pages: New Drawings, James Kelly Contemporary

It is a curious experience to encounter unexpected remnants of one’s life.

Whether it is an outdated outfit brought out from storage, or a journal entry we are sure we authored but no longer identify with, these moments are confrontations with our younger, other selves now lost to the process that is aging. 750 more words


shopping for a 6 pack

almost all of America’s traditions are commercial

by David Halliday