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Writing about the past, thinking about the future: National Museum of American History

My article on the history and philosophy of collecting at the National Museum of American History has been published in the Federal History Journal569 more words


Collection Interview Questions

  • What is HashMap?
  • How Hashmap works internally?(Using hashing, buckets,linked list.)
  • How Hashmap increase its size when it exhausted its initial capacity.
  • What is BlockedinkedQueue. It can be used in multithreading env.
  • 223 more words

Multithreading Interview Questions

  • What is a thread?
  • Differenct sates of Thread.
  • Runnable and Thread.
  • Which is more efficieant between Thread & Ruunable.
  • Has thread locked all the variable declare in class which are used in synchronized methode.
  • 119 more words

Object of the Month: George III Bureau

One of my most favoured pieces of furniture, the George III bureau, is not only aesthetically appealing, but also a technical achievement in detail and application. 567 more words


The Button Maker

We have recently been given an interesting collection of buttons.

The Somerset Rural Life Museum has a long-standing interest in crafts and craftspeople, and occasionally we hear a new story that adds to our knowledge.  204 more words


Toys ‘r’ Me

John Alden has been volunteering at Hove Museum & Art Gallery for two years. He is researching into the history of the toy collection with particular emphasis on former curator and toy maker Yootha Rose. 918 more words


Video Games

Collections: C02

Today brought another good day to try more indoor still photography. I thought I would work on another image for my new Collections Series… 246 more words