Unlocking the potential of Beacons

A collaborative project involving Swedish interaction design student, Tommy Nilsson, the University’s Computer Lab and three University of Cambridge museums, is attempting to better understand the potential of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons. 339 more words


2015 SS Collection

Concept : Futuristic folklore

Inspiration : Hexagonal shapes, spaceships and mahinces in sci-fi films and animation

Color : Black, white, navy, sky blue, blue, dark blue, gray, crimson, orange, dark brown, red, dark pink, yellow, lime, violet, purple… 8 more words


A labour of love - a photobook of beautiful memories

Leesa approached me after her beloved Father passed away last year.

“He was a collector” she said…”I want all of his treasures¬†photographed and made into a book that I can look at and cherish forever.” 519 more words


proud evolution 2011

we are living through our mental spheres in an ocular centric culture where our bodies have become sites for consumer exploitation
gathering and consuming copius amounts to gratify needs that only exist in our minds… 153 more words


Volunteer Spotlight: Michelle Galaz

We’re pleased to feature Michelle Galaz for this month’s Volunteer Spotlight. From working special events to handling artifacts in our collection, Michelle does it all, and with a smile to boot! 419 more words


Reminder: Clark Book Club tomorrow!

Dear all,

A reminder to join us, if you can, for the inaugural meeting of the Clark Library Book Club tomorrow at 4pm in the… 110 more words


Publisher Spotlight Review: The Good Little Devil and Other Stories by Pierre Gripari illustrated by Fernando Puig Rosado

Hardcover, 300 pages
Expected publication: October 21st 2014 by Pushkin Children’s Books
Source: Publisher

Pierre Gripari, the author of this collection of stories, was a French writer most prominent in the late 1970s. 397 more words