A Siberian white elephant

When you mention indigenous peoples in the Arctic, people often think of the Inuit of Canada and Greenland, and their traditional semi-nomadic hunting lifestyle.  However, there are also many other Arctic peoples living in the far north of Russia, who traditionally survived through a combination of reindeer herding and hunting/gathering.  802 more words


Exchanging Knowledge about Pacific material culture

In September I ran a Knowledge Exchange workshop as part of National Museums Scotland’s national programme. The workshop ‘An Introduction to Pacific Collections’ was aimed at other museum and heritage professionals in Scotland who care for Pacific collections. 791 more words


A Collection of All the Pictures I Took of John Paul the Second and What I Wore Sunday

You might now be aware of this, but Pope Saint John Paul the Second is kind of a big deal in Poland. Especially in Krakow.  181 more words


The holly and the ivy

Its that time of year again when the house gets transformed for Christmas. Alongside all of our winter cleaning and packing we have been busy getting ready for Christmas. 576 more words


Hindu girl tells Supreme Court she would rather die than convert to Islam

Seized by an influential Muslim, with the “political cover” of an elected official, 19 year old Rinkel Kumari launches a desperate appeal to the courts. “Justice is denied Hindus in Pakistan” and therefore asks to” kill me here “in the courtroom. 522 more words


The Bozo Bop Bag.

Confessions of a bill collector.

I just finished ordering an inflatable Bozo bop bag online for my grandson for this coming Christmas.  As often happens to me nowadays, I then entered a trance-like state; remembering a time 17 years ago when I worked for a large finance company in downtown Saint Paul.  557 more words