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The Salaita Case and the Case for Faculty Unionization

In early August, I came across an op-ed on the Salaita case on the Huffington Post Politics blog, and now that just about everything else has been said about that case on this blog, I think that it may be time to consider the argument made in that op-ed. 408 more words


The Women Workers' War

Director: Massimo Ferrari
54 Minutes

The story of longest factory sit-in by women–500 days–led by Rosa Giancola of Latina, and a factory that churns out sweets and thoughts, led by Margherita Dogliani of Carrara. 42 more words


Tony Benn: Will and Testament

Director: Skip Kite
Writer: Skip Kite
90 Minutes

In this unique autobiographical feature, Tony Benn – one of the UK’s most influential and charismatic political figures – presents his personal reflections on life, work, love and loss through intimate, confessional interviews, wonderfully illustrated by his personal photographic and film archives. 27 more words


Dressing America: Tales from the Garment Center

Directors: Steven Fischler, Joel Sucher
Writer: Joel Sucher
60 Minutes

This captivating documentary braids past and present, tracing the technological and financial changes in the US garment industry. 28 more words


Arbitrator Re-Writes Union Contract to Make Certain Employees Eligible for a Bonus

Seven different unions were negotiating a collective bargaining agreement with a single employer. While bargaining for the 2011 agreement, everyone agreed to exclude newly hired workers from an established pension plan, but did not discuss the “Copper Price Bonus” or workers’ eligibility for it. 269 more words


PS unions fear uncertain economy will play havoc with negotiations

Public service unions fear a possible federal deficit will only heighten the tension at already charged bargaining talks, despite government assurances that there will be no further spending cuts to balance the books. 947 more words

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