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Dear Alma | Scarey Hypothetical

Dear Alma,

If we have a union, what’s to keep departments from reducing everyone from full time to part time?



Dear Wondering,

Alma can’t recall in her 85 years ever hearing of a university administration reckless or stupid enough to convert its entire NTT faculty to part-time, especially to thwart the formation of a union!

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Collective Bargaining

Northwestern's Bad Arguments Against a Football Player Union

On April 25, Northwestern football players will vote on whether to form a union. But we may never know the results of the vote, because Northwestern University is fighting to have any union banned after the NLRB Regional Director ruled it could exist. 1,560 more words


When a union's representational rights and an employee's privacy rights collide

The Supreme Court of Canada recently issued a decision confirming that there are limits on an employee’s right to privacy vis-à-vis his or her union. 413 more words


In Challenges to Mandatory Union Dues, Massachusetts Is Latest Target

The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation filed a lawsuit yesterday challenging a Massachusetts law that provides for the unionization of certain family childcare providers, such as nannies and nurseries. 535 more words

On Labor

Very Good News from Chicago! UIC-UF Has Tentative Contract

The faculty union at UIC has reached tentative agreement with the UI administration on contracts for the two faculty bargaining units, covering non-tenure-track (NTT) and tenure-track/tenured faculty working at the Chicago campus. 60 more words

Collective Bargaining

Strike Averted at University of Illinois at Chicago

News from the University of Illinois at Chicago faculty union (an AAUP/AFT joint union):

“STRIKE AVERTED- University of Illinois at Chicago United Faculty (Local 6456) has successfully negotiated a tentative agreement on labor contracts for tenure-track and non-tenure track faculty!” 25 more words


The NLRB Decision on the Unionization of College Athletes at One Institution Signals, but Will Not Determine, the Changes That Are Coming

The Tacoma News Tribune very recently published a very thoughtful editorial by Bill Virgin titled “It’s Not So Far-Fetched to See the Future of Collegiate Sports as a Business Entity” [ 532 more words