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Push for Yale Union Back Twofold, University Won't Budge

It didn’t work the last time, so they tried it again-with about double the amount of people as they had when they first took to the steps of the Yale University College of Arts and Sciences on a rainy afternoon in April. 682 more words

Furloughs in 2010 were "Just Plain Destruction"

The Campus Faculty Association fights for transparency about decision-making processes at the University of Illinois. Unilateral decision-making by the administration undermines the core missions of the university, teaching and research, and so we are working for a faculty union that can provide a strong and independent faculty voice. 532 more words

The fact that BC Liberal voters must face.

If you voted for a BC Liberal candidate in the last election, here’s what you voted for:

You voted for a group of people who got together behind closed doors and cooked up a sleazy strategy to provoke teachers into a strike in order to help the themselves get elected. 249 more words


Labor Board Agrees: Unfreeze NTT Wages and Promotions Now

Yesterday, October 16, the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board (IELRB) held a hearing on the wage and promotion freeze that currently affects non-tenure-track faculty at UIUC. 133 more words

Collective Bargaining

Walker warns cities Burke will restore unions

MIDDLETON (AP) – Republican Gov. Scott Walker warned city officials Friday that Democrat Mary Burke would tie their hands financially by restoring public-sector collective bargaining. 302 more words


Enough With The Bad Arguments Against Amendment 3!

As we approach the November elections, education groups and public schools in Missouri are lining up in opposition to Amendment 3. Here is what you should know about this constitutional amendment: 546 more words

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Meet our temporary administrator

Wendi Felson, the temporary Administrator for Local 39000, has a deep background with both CWA and public sector unions in California. 201 more words