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The Rise of the New Monastics – Reality Sandwich

Kingsley L. Dennis • 1 day ago • 1 Comments

“The past few years have left many of us waiting around for the ‘Next Big Thing’ – or some grand televised miracle to happen.” 8 more words

The Phoenix Generation: A New Era of Connection, Compassion & Consciousness - Reality Sandwich

Kingsley L. Dennis • 1 week ago • 3 Comments

“In the years ahead we are going to see great change sweeping through our diverse human societies.” 13 more words

Thanksgiving Message > Goddess Light

a message from Goddess of Creation channeled by Shelly Dressel

Thursday, 27 November, 2014

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Message from the Goddess of Creation…
451 more words

Teasing Away the Threads: (Non) Insights on Gnosis

Jeremy D. Johnson • 1 week ago • 2 Comments

“With the intriguing confluence of friends that have – quite literally – sat on my couch as of late, and those who I correspond with mostly (for now) online, I felt compelled to share my own process with the elusive note of spiritual gnosis.” 8 more words