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Collective Wisdom: Preparing for Baby

Today’s Collective Wisdom post asks our mamas-to-be:

In what ways have you prepared for your baby’s arrival so far?

I’ve read books on childbirth and newborns.  158 more words


Getting Beyond Top-Voted Ideas & Harnessing the Collective Wisdom of the Crowd

Suzan Briganti, CEO & Founder, Totem Inc. and IdeaScale Advisory Partner

Crowdsourcing is based on the idea that under certain conditions, crowds can be wiser than experts. 519 more words


Collective Wisdom: Describing our Ideal Birth

While it is impossible to know all the elements that influence our perception of birth, our thoughts and intentions can be powerful shapers of our birth experience.  112 more words


Getting Over the Popularity Contest

Leveraging crowd wisdom works on the premise that individuals or organizations can benefit from a collective group of knowledge. One way to measure the crowds’ opinion is to present a subject or idea and invite the crowd to vote on it. 367 more words


Collective Wisdom: Birth Affirmations

A birth mantra or affirmation is a positive statement and intention for the pregnancy or birth experience. A mama may select her own affirmation or affirmations and repeat it/them to herself or out loud during times of relaxation, upon waking and going to sleep, during the birth experience, or any time she needs encouragement during pregnancy or labor. 206 more words


Collective Wisdom: Sharing Pregnancy News

This week’s question:  How did you share the news of your pregnancy with your partner?

The video above is from one of our lovely Health Foundations families, the Ingmans.   128 more words

Collective Wisdom

How to Leverage Collective Wisdom: Getting Beyond the Top-Voted Idea

IdeaScale’s advisory services team uses proprietary techniques in order to mine collective crowd wisdom to develop pipelines of winning innovations. This method has produced highly successful concepts, insights and new products. 107 more words