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From Right Mindfulness to Collective Intelligence to Collective Sentience

Abstracts of paper invited to Spanda Journal’s special issue on Collective Intelligence

Without an ethical foundation grounded in the common good and an integral, evolutionary worldview, the currently trending mindfulness practices and trainings risk to reduce a radical, ancient wisdom tradition of self-knowledge and self-transformation to a self-help technique or psychological state readily co-optable by the defenders of the institutional status quo. 237 more words

Collective Wisdom

Definition of social media (yes, it is not just Facebook)

Exactly what is social media???

What? You mean social media is not Facebook? It has a definition???

To a social media newbie (aka me), Facebook (OK, I will go as far as including twitter) is social media, at least before this week’s reading and discussion. 717 more words


Wisdom of crowds

In his book “The Wisdom of Crowds” James Surowiecki starts out with a story about Francis Galton, a man of many talents, who one day went to a country fair where he stumbled across a competetion, where you had to estiamte the weight of an ox when it was butchered and the person with the guess closest to the actual weight won a prize. 790 more words

Cognitive Biases