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Save the Ché: San Diego Collective Files Lawsuit Against University of California at San Diego (UCSD)

The Ché Café Collective has made their home at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) for the last 34 years. Turns out UCSD is really, … 458 more words


Farun Stories: Hopeless Agents (Part One)

This timeline takes place after The Little Man Must Die, and covers a broad period of time where Claudia and Rat venture into the grisly, uncomfortable world of arena fighter management. 540 more words



taboos create mass projections

breaking taboos create other projections. personal ones

seeing through taboos demands the ability to ignore both collective and personal projections. hard


Farun Stories: Deathwish Children (Part Four)

This is the final part of Deathwish Children, which was simply meant to introduce each of Sallith’s boys. The story of the three princes shall continue very soon, in a storyline called Race to Street One, which will pick up right where this left off. 513 more words


Farun Stories: The Little Man Must Die (Part Five)

This timeline takes place directly after the Headsplitter storyline. Claudia and Rat finally form a partnership, one that will intersect with the horrible children… 546 more words


Ask The Art Authorities: Tappan Collective by Decorationzy

The 1st art that I purchased myself was at the Melrose Trading Post flea marketplace. It was four portrait paintings of the Beatles and at $200, it was a single of the greatest purchases I’;d ever produced.  28 more words

Roadtrip Nation (Mike Marriner, Brian McAllister & Nate Gebard)

Roadtrip Nation is a Movement of people who are defining their own Roads in life by resisting The Noise of conformity and gaining the confidence to do what inspires them. 255 more words

Great Initiative