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Farun Stories: Juxxa (Part Three)

This story coincides with Proper Games and Bastard Brother, and it switches between Headsplitter and Greigas. This is the end of the storyline. It will proceed into a new one called Sallith’s Failure (coming soon). 561 more words


Musings : Interview with Prathima and Unnati of 'Design for Kashmir'


NID graduates, passionate professionals, and now mingling minds, together for a cause – ‘Design for Kashmir’. It was merely an idea at first, that slowly took itself towards serious discussion between… 1,726 more words


"I don't need a new house - I need an extension!"

I have sympathy with the pension managers of large employers who are being expected to adopt the pension reforms. It is not their job to make Government policies work, rather it is Government’s job to make pensions work- especially for employers who are expected to stump up the money to manage and run staff schemes. 728 more words


Farun Stories: Letter to Claudia


A mage, a jurist, you’ve got enough disadvantages in a place like Mirek. Firstly I hope Nimb Vard is to your liking.

The reason I’m writing is that I have extremely unfortunate news. 167 more words


Farun Stories: Proper Games (Part Three)

The is storyline will end soon, and it will proceed into a new one called Little Miss Mirek (coming soon). Rat recounts what happened while Claudia was in the Gorung Desert and Nimb Vard. 584 more words


Ready to Ware Exhibition

I’m very excited to say that i am going to be involved in a wonderful exhibition at the Agora Enterprise, Columbia Road Arts Club on the 20-24th November.  36 more words

The Phoenix

I’ve seen the sunbeams

As they stream from a single eye.

Mesmerized as it seems

That there are better reasons to be alive.

And now I need, a settle piece of solace… 347 more words