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The Consequences of Choice

It was nearly midnight when I realized that my lesson plan for the following day was not going to work. In fact, it was going to be a disaster. 1,458 more words

If Wishes Were Horses: Is Liberty Utopian?

Those who are opposed to liberty – and this is a large group which includes progressives, liberals, democrats, conservatives, republicans, leftists, rightists, collectivists, statists, fascists, socialists, Marxists, warmongers, redistributionists, regulators, bureaucrats, the entire political class, bankers, lobbyists, welfare distributors and recipients, those who push for “social justice”, and all other pro-government sorts – often claim that the ideas of Libertarians are “Utopian”. 528 more words


Different Ways of Living

Taylor Craver writes about cultural differences encountered, her pleasure in these differences, the collectivist nature of Costa Rican culture compared to North American individualism, and different familly rhythms. 745 more words

Costa Rica

Individualism vs Collectivist

Can anyone tell me what is the third major language behind English and Spanish in the United States?  A language that is consistently on the fastest growing language learned?   535 more words

Can Empathy Prevent Entitlement?


“Empathy is the experience of understanding another person’s condition from their perspective.” (Psychology Today) It is a quality many people possess that is also linked to helping behaviors. 542 more words