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4 Lists You Should Be Making

Hello, World.

I’m a huge list maker. I make lists about everything. Literally. I make to-do lists every day, I make shopping lists, I make lists of my goals, and I once even made a list of the traits I like in a significant other. 678 more words


The Countdown...20 Days Left!

Hello Bees!!

As you can see, I have been doing some blog reconstruction :) Please bare with me as I get it all prettied up for you all again! 83 more words

College Adventures

Late nights.

I might be a bit tipsy right now, but there’s a quote by an author that I can’t remember that says, write drunk and edit sober. 425 more words

College Changes People

Some say that people won’t change, but I believe that’s false. People mature, deciding that certain activities are too juvenile to participate in, while others go in the opposite direction. 233 more words


Short Term vs Long Term

I’ve recently set my financial goals for the year. One of my biggest goals is to make $5000 before graduation so that I can celebrate by taking a trip. 653 more words


A Love Letter to Incoming Freshmen

I had a friend call me today and she was completely frantic because right in the middle of the summer, she is finally realizing that she’ll be going to college soon. 959 more words


One foot on the edge

There’s really no getting around this, I can’t beat around the bush or wave this off as some small decision.  Something needs to be said.  It needs to be explained, properly.  566 more words