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Dear Reader,

I had kind of a revelation tonight. I can’t say no to people, and I think that might be my downfall. I would  632 more words

Rants & Thoughts

Classes: Planning Ahead

I recently got asked about how to prioritize and plan for homework ahead of time. I touched on this topic a little in my previous posts “One Semester at a Time” and “Have a Timeline: Plan Semesters,” but I thought it’d be great to have a blog specifically to this topic. 222 more words


Smarty Pants

Smart. It’s a word I have heard my whole life, usually to describe me. There’s a good chance that whenever I’m a topic of conversation, it involves the word “smart” (and, let’s face it, “boobs” if you are attracted to women). 645 more words


Alright guys,

Well, my name is Katy and this is my first blog here in a while so I guess I should introduce my self. Like I said my name is Katy. 431 more words


Counting stars.

There are some songs that always take me back to a specific time. There are songs that remind me of you and falling in love for the first time, the beauty and the heartbreak of it all. 278 more words


Sometimes, Just College.

Hello Beautiful Bees!

Wow. This week has not come to what I thought it would be. That’s not to say it has been bad, but it is certainly college. 301 more words