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Rivers and Roads and Mediocre(at best) Ukulele Playing

Senior year is definitely a turbulent season in life. There is a lot of uncertainty. In fact, the only thing that is really certain is that everything will change. 541 more words


Question of the Day

Hi!! I’m a high school junior, and recently I’ve been looking at colleges. At my high school, I’m a mid-pack rower, but the colleges I’m applying to are for academic reasons, and most of them are D1 and way too competitive for me as a rower. 367 more words


Mechanical vs. Chemical Digestion

Question: What is digestion and what are the different types?

Answer: Digestion creates the raw materials that your body uses to function properly. There are two types of digestion: mechanical and chemical. 133 more words


Overnight Oats - Perfect Dorm Room Breakfast

Meet the delicious, easy, and healthy breakfast that I’ve been having for the past week or so:

Overnight oats! I mix up all the ingredients(rolled oats, mushed up banana, peanut butter, milk) in a cup and put it in the mini-fridge overnight. 143 more words

Food And Cooking

Phone shame

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Prerna Batra, 3rd year, BT.

“Modern” is used by all and sundry in many instances. The word modern can be viewed in several different ways. But what is the criteria for calling a person modern? 234 more words


The fourth dimension

Shashwat Kishore, 1st year, PSCT.

Sometimes, engineering students have so much work to be completed within a week that they feel that it will most likely be completed by them by their fourth year. 506 more words