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250 page novel in by next Friday…Can we do it?? This novel explores mixed blood identity crises and PTSD (from WWII) in the context of Native Americans. 51 more words



I was that girl who hid her face behind her hands anytime people on TV looked like they were about to hug, the girl who swore that her first kiss would be from the man who would be her husband. 636 more words


Inside The Restaurant With Dave Evanson

This past Saturday, I sat down with “500 degrees” cashier/server Dave Evanson to learn about his personal background and experiences while working in the restaurant business.


Alive and Legal

In case anyone was wondering, I am alive. Classes started last Wednesday and by the end of the day I was utterly exhausted. I have 5 straight hours of class, followed by a 1 hour sweat-inducing workout, 45 minute break, then work for 3 hours. 450 more words


The Weight Has Lifted

It felt like I had been hiding the real me from the couple of people here at college that I care most about. I couldn’t deal with that anymore, they had to know. 197 more words

In My Head

Life is Busy-Life Update 9/29/14

Oh boy! This week is going to kill me (metaphorically)! I just took two midterms, wrote a two page literary response, did my homework, went to Bible study, and now have to work on another paper. 114 more words


Me? A Leader?

College is said to be a place where you can be yourself. Given that information, who are you? Or… Who are you going to be? 327 more words