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10 Colleges That Accepted All Applicants (US News)

While thousands of college applicants each year stress about getting into school, some may be able to take a more relaxed approach toward college admissions.

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How to Set Academic and College Prep Goals for 2015 (Ivywise)

As the New Year approaches, many people are setting goals and resolutions to accomplish in 2015. The onset of a new year is a great opportunity to reflect on the past year and determine what improvements to make in the coming months – whether personally, professionally, or, in the case of many high school students, academically.

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10 Ways to Help Your Teens Deal With College Rejections (Huffington Post)

If you are the lucky parent of a high school senior, then the title of this article probably caught your eye. Yep, this is a tough year for the teens AND for the parents.

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107 Super Safety Schools Still Seeking Students And Offering Tuition Discounts (Forbes)

For many high school seniors the period of late December is filled with a mad scramble to submit applications before the January deadlines. It can create an especially nerve-wracking holiday season, especially for those who were rejected or deferred admission from their first choice early decision colleges.

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The Truth About Rejection by Elite Colleges (DIY College Rankings)

What am I talking about? Let’s start with the joke that in order to get into the elite universities, high school students need to have discovered the cure for cancer or, at the very least, won a Nobel Prize.

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The SAT is Corrupt. No One Wants to Know.

“We got a recycled test, BTW. US March 2014.”.

This was posted on the College Confidential site, very early in the morning on December 6, the test date for the international SAT. 1,848 more words


25 Most Rigorous Colleges (The Daily Beast)

To find out which schools are offering the most rigorous education, we looked at the quality of the student body and of their instructors. First, we scored colleges on the selectiveness of admissions with data from the National Center for Education Statistics as an indicator of student competition, weighted 50 percent.

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