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What a prick...

Anyone giving a photograph more than a passing glance would probably spend some time trying to determine its setting, the historical context and geographical location. The geeky among us may spend time arguing over particular details, determined to get our facts right. 474 more words

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College Assignment : Career Reflection - FICTIONAL WRITER

IntroductionThe definition of an Author is often widely accepted as a writer of a written work but best defined as a person who gave existance to anything or an originator of an idea and whose authorship that hold responsibility for the creation. 3,173 more words

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Psychology College Assignments : Quantative Research Proposal & Qualitative Research Proposal

Quantative Research Proposal on Sexual Selection


Sexual Reproduction is the process on mixing two genetic traits of the respectative parents to form an offspring. Sex has been a very important aspect of life for all living creature in existance, it is the living multicellular organisms form of actitvity to ensure the survival of the species. 3,562 more words

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Mass Communication : The Art, The Science and The Truth

(Another College Assignment)

In the present day, the term mass communication has become a norm in our society. It is not at all surprising with the immense variety of media that circulates around our daily life. 4,597 more words

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Assignments on Vladimir Putin

What you’re about to read below are just college assignments I did on Vladimir Putin. I may have been a little bias on my judgements and this was before he return to power as the President of Russia. 5,113 more words

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