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Creating an Effective Study Schedule

No matter if you are at high school, college or university, an effective study schedule can help you keep track of your study progress. If you are striving to balance your studies and job obligations, or find it difficult to meet your assignment deadlines, a study scheduler can help you devise and manage your time. 273 more words


6 Careless Errors Students Make While Writing a College Paper

The ability to write well is one of the most significant skills students can learn at the college level that plays a crucial role in getting academic success. 387 more words


Improving your College Writing Skills

Learning to improve your writing skills is important especially when you enter college. As a college student you must be able to write flawlessly in order to complete your research papers and other college writing assignments. 289 more words

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Industrial Psychology Assignment - "Employee Recruitment, Screening, and Selection Program"

2014 summer, I decided to take a summer course. One of the subjects I took is Industrial Psychology and since it is just a summer course my teacher joined the tow assignment in one heavy assignment of 20 marks. 144 more words


Unit Lesson Plan Scaffold: System of Equations


This unit lesson plan was designed to cover the different methods of how to solve a system of equations. This was made during my Level III experience at UNI for the course Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners as practice for building a scaffold to later accommodate for a diverse learner. 107 more words

College Assignments

PBIT Perfect-Square Trinomials and Difference of Squares


This is a Performance-Based Instructional Task Lesson Plan over the subject of perfect-square trinomials and differences of squares that I prepared to teach during my Level III field experience at Grundy Center High School while at UNI. 144 more words

College Assignments

PBIT Absolute Value Inequalities


This is a Performance-Based Instructional Task Lesson Plan over the subject of absolute value inequalities that I prepared for my Teaching of Secondary Math course at UNI. 115 more words

College Assignments