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NCAA Athlete-Students

I am a Division 1 college basketball player and have been part of the NCAA for the last three years. I have always found the NCAA as a unique and unbelievably tyrannical organization. 198 more words



Today is the first day of the rest of my life as a retired NCAA Division 1 Student Athlete.

I really tried to put my feelings into words but it’s difficult. 164 more words


Wrestlers Are Punks: the Self-Fulfilling Stereotype

Maybe most wrestlers are punks.

Maybe most of us are just meat heads who love to beat up other people. We drink too much, we do stupid things, and once we’re done wrestling, we wash away into the unremarkable haze of underachievers. 265 more words

#RAISEIT To the Best of Friends

One of the true signs that spring and summer are just around the corner is the beginning of baseball season. As a former college athlete, sports have really been synonymous with the changing of the seasons. 301 more words


Things Ex-Athletes Have to Learn

Ex-athlete or not, definitely check out this sad but true list from Buzzfeed on 12 Things Ex-Athletes Have to Learn. As a former college athlete, I can relate to every single one of these. 6 more words

Game Changer: Northwestern University Football Players Can Unionize!

According to CNN, the National Labor Relations Board in Chicago has approved the notion that Northwestern University Football players are “employees” of the University and can therefore unionize. 289 more words


Will I ever "make it?" Part 1

By definition, success is the correct or desired result of ones goals (thanks Meriam-Webster). While this is quite an accurate definition.. Sometimes what we actually achieve is something quite different than our original expectations. 450 more words