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CORE! not just about the abs

Ab muscles and your core are different. Your abs are the abdominal muscles by your stomach and on your sides; whereas your core refers to the abs, lower back, and pelvis muscles that lie between the rib cage and the hips. 404 more words


10 Struggles Of Being A Collegiate Athlete

1. Everyone on campus knows you

“Oh hey, you’re on the ___ team!” becomes the most commonly heard phrase. People you don’t know suddenly become your “friends” and getting multiple friend requests from people you haven’t heard of. 428 more words

Counting Calories vs. Healthy Eating

There has been quite a debate on which method, counting calories or simply a healthy, balanced diet, contributes more to weight loss. I am by no means an expert in nutritional science, but I have read quite a few articles that discuss this dilemma. 510 more words

College Athlete


My former college teammate shared this link with me, and I was in splits for an hour. Hope you all get a hearty laugh out of these spot-on struggles.

PCSD: Pre College Stress Disorder

Preparing for college is stressful.

It is stressful for any person from any financial or ethnic background, academic standing, gender, age, language, program, or location. It is a time when you truly have to call on every ounce of emotional, physical, and mental strength you have because it can and will break you. 625 more words

Kansas' Basketball Recruit Shows His Fast Moves & Sweet Shot! (VIDEO)

North Carolina is losing one of their best point guards to the University of Kansas as the high school graduate committed to the Blue Jays May 2 2014. 57 more words