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Why I love 4:30am workouts

Are you a morning or night “workouter”? In college I was always used to 2:30pm practices but I definitely prefer getting my workout done first thing in the morning. 341 more words

Think athletic scholarships are a 'holy grail'? Think again (CNBC)

Stand long enough on the sidelines of any youth sports tournament and you will hear conversations about coaches, sports travel, and the cost of uniforms and gear.

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College Planning

MUSIC: In the strongman world

In the weight room there are always a bunch of things going on, people deadlifting, squatting, pull-ups, yoke, stones..Etc. but one thing everyone has in common, is the music being played. 202 more words



Just because you got recruited, does not mean that you can carry the entire team on your back. The most important part of being on a… 36 more words



Injuries can be a major setback when playing collegiate sports, or being in the process of being recruited. I’ve had my fair share of them but that never stopped me from sticking with it. 64 more words


Back to sports...

Now that you have been accepted, I hope you have still been in contact with all of the coaches. If you have been wait-listed for a school, sometimes it is possible for the coach to help you out if their program is really interested in you. 41 more words


FanPay: When fans get tired of waiting for change

What happens when college sports fans get tired of waiting for major universities, the NCAA, federal courts, and Congress to change the unfair system that prevents athletes from getting paid? 725 more words