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I’m currently in my English class rn. I’m not too excited about being here tho. And i don’t understand why I’m hungry. I had breakfast (sausage and egg sandwich with a banana). 15 more words


My Outdated Marketing Professor

When you’re sitting in your college advertising or ┬ámarketing class look at your professor. Does he resemble a 1950’s, paint chipped, grandfather clock?

Seeking higher education is essential. 264 more words

Why didn't they offer THAT class in College?

The College Class EVERYONE needs but no one offers…..

My friend and coach colleague, Norbert, is going to be teaching a college course soon which got me thinking about all the different jobs I have had and all the classes I… 377 more words

Coming to an End

As this class approaches its final days it is time to really sit down and work on making the final project presentable. We only have two class periods left before it is time to present. 373 more words

Digital Humanities