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The Matrix (No, Not That Matrix)

I hope that I can convey all that I wish to on this past weeks Digital Humanities lessons, but I am suffering from a very nasty cold, so I am afraid I will not do this reflection justice. 263 more words


How Multimedia Applies to My Upcoming Weekend Home

So, in class we read an article by Rockwell and Mactavish titled “Multimedia”. We also looked at this site for The Rossetti Archive that demonstrated a lot of what Multimedia is now. 289 more words


What Interactive Fiction Means to Me

Now that I am caffeinated, thanks to the heavenly creation of Starbucks, I can now effectively reflect on Digital Humanities class and our discussion of interactive fiction. 377 more words


My Reaction to Susan Hockey's "The History of Humanities Computing" and Twitter

As I am sitting at my desk in my dorm room, with the scent of my cotton candy candle (yay, alliteration!) wafting through the air, I am thinking about all the things that I have learned from this weeks Digital Humanities assignments. 386 more words


No shame in a C

Dear Greg,

I appreciate your e-mail protesting the C you received on your midterm exam. I know it must have taken a lot of courage to write me. 148 more words



Okay so I had to buy a couple books for my tools for college success class and now I am having to get a textbook for my college dual enrollment class. 94 more words