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After reading the book I am legend I was left with some questions. Questions that the book left under answered. Questions that if I had answers to would help me better understand the actions Robert made within the story. 86 more words



In the book hamlet written by William Shakespeare Hamlet the protagonist within the story has many soliloquys stating his madness, fear, and hate. One soliloquy that got my attention was, the one were he address his true hate fallings towards women. 124 more words


Tools of the Digital Humanities Trade and Pondering Questions

Last week was more productive than any other class we have had so far. Not to say that everything we have done up to this point has been pointless–because that certainly is not the case–but that actually collaborating on ideas this week has been very exciting. 240 more words


Captain, We’re Taking on Water: Saving Your GPA from a Bad Grade

I’ve seen quite a few posts lately in which students are panicking about their GPAs because they got a bad test score. You want to know a secret? 1,880 more words


The Matrix (No, Not That Matrix)

I hope that I can convey all that I wish to on this past weeks Digital Humanities lessons, but I am suffering from a very nasty cold, so I am afraid I will not do this reflection justice. 263 more words