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Exercise Classes?

Oldest One is registering for spring semester at college. She really wanted to take an exercise class, but said there aren’t any.  I offered to look, because of course there are PE classes offered.  351 more words

The Broad’s Life

#3 Dude This Class I'm In...

…is sending me mixed signals.

An Open Letter to PSYC 6:

Intro to Neuro, what have I ever done to you? All I want is to fulfill a major requirement! 572 more words


Reactions To Writing An Essay About An Essay On What Makes A Serial Killer for ENG 1100

For my ENG 1100 class, my Professor is making us write an Analysis and Response Essay.

Essentially, what I have to do is pick out an essay from the book  481 more words

College Experiences

#2 Dude This Class I'm In...

Sucks. It’s Math 112, aka ALGEBRA!!

Let me start by saying I’m really not dumb… I got a full ride to Madison, so that must take some intelligence, right? 597 more words


Update #-Who Knows?

I wrote this yesterday, October 6.

I wrote a paper two weeks ago for my Context of Writing class on editors. There was a 2,500-word minimum word limit, and it had to be 9-11 pages long. 432 more words

Life As I Know It

#1 Dude This Class I'm In...

…is the bomb.  So, here I am, sitting in the library, listening to the Legally Blonde Broadway soundtrack, fresh out of my Chemistry for the Health Professions class. 543 more words


Preparing for College Success during High School

High school and college are indubitably two different academic worlds. Students must choose classes that interest them and reflect college learning styles. Therefore, it is recommended to choose rigorous, challenging, project-based coursework in high school so that you can better prepare for college success. 313 more words