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Free College Classes!

If you ever wanted to enroll in college but couldn’t afford to do it, you are in luck. There are numerous websites that provide online classes and are completely free! 326 more words

College Classes

"America's College Promise"

As you may have heard President Barack Obama said Thursday (01/08/15) he would offer a proposal in his State of the Union speech that would make two years of community college free for anyone willing to work for it.  137 more words


College vs. High School Schedules

by Guanani

Ah, sweet freedom!

The amount of unstructured time you get in college is by far the biggest adjustment from high school. Instead of having six or seven back-to-back classes with sports or other activities after school, college is a big mishmash of vastly different time slots, four-hour labs, student group meetings, and awkward breaks between classes. 505 more words

College Classes

Think Piece: The Joneses

I originally wrote this for a class in Communication Ethics.


The Jones is a satirical comedy-drama that calls into question the issues of consumerism and how they affect people. 306 more words


Think Piece: Thank You for Smoking

I wrote this for a class I took this past semester on Communication Ethics.

Thank You for Smoking is a satirical comedy-drama film that poses several ethical questions and dilemmas that the tobacco industry has faced in real life. 313 more words


It’s been a while since I’ve had time to update my page. Between my final exams, two final art projects, photo sessions and a wedding that I shot, I have been one busy lady. 39 more words


Story Updates

The other day I posted about these two story ideas, and I have to write two stories in my Int. Fiction Writing class. So, I have decided to use those ideas for the assignments. 67 more words

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