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Accredited by 'The Gingerbread Man'

Accreditation is simply the process a college goes through to become recognized as a competent and credible school. Recognized by whom? Well, that’s debatable, but recognized primarily by the Department of Education. 928 more words

Is College Worth It?

Sometimes a great video pops into my Facebook feed and I take time out to watch it. This is one of them. Mike Rowe, most commonly known at the guy from Dirty Jobs, did an interview with Reason TV last year and discussed his views on college, specifically the high cost of it. 1,389 more words


my BA (On Sale) @ Snhu.edu

On 1 May 2014 I received a thin fedex envelope with this inside (nothing else). 

It was my Bachelors from Obama favorite, Snhu, a non-profit(ish) university that jumped at the chance to soak up my GIBILL monies. 182 more words


Custodian Lady vs. College Graduates

What’s more important than a college education for professional growth? Answers: Working just about any job, apprenticeships, networking in your community, volunteering, traveling abroad, … 403 more words

The Gist: Financial, Emotional, and Intellectual Costs of College

Financial Cost:

Before you sign up for a college program, have a very good idea of what the total cost of the program will be and what type of job you can obtain within the first few years after graduation. 712 more words