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Draft: 26th Sept 2014

Disclaimer: This text came out of my heart, straightaway ! No lies written. Only 6.8% of the text is having adjectives, so don’t think that I am writing to flatter you or something like that. 712 more words

College Days

Homemade Granola

I know people just sing its praises, but I’ve found I just can’t get on the porridge bandwagon – the only way I’ll stomach even a spoonful is if it is laced with golden syrup or some such badness, and therefore defeating the purpose entirely I think. 264 more words


college + happiness

Writing papers into the wee small hours of the morning.

The paper isn’t due for another two weeks,

but I stay up just to share the time with fabulous housemates… 37 more words


The Magic and Mystery

Ever have one of those days when your mind says, “Enough”? When words on the¬†textbook page grow hazy and a mist seems to descend between your eyes and anything work-related? 424 more words


Chirpsicles and other things that don't fly

It was a pet store like no other – the only problem was, it was merely an apartment shared by three college women and a menagerie. 524 more words



Many of us have wonderful memories that we cherish in our hearts. We hoard them like a miser and when the going gets tough the memories pop into your head and bring a smile to your face. 527 more words


Coffee days

People are always always asking for recommendations of coffee shops and restaurants in Dublin – and I am like, I am an arts student, you think all I do is sit around and drink coffee?? 750 more words

College Days