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The College Degree

Disclaimer: This is based on my personal experience.  Everyone’s experience can differ greatly.

First, I will never regret getting my bachelor’s degree.  Without it, I wouldn’t be in grad school and working in my career field.   487 more words


REALizing My Life Is Just That...

5 years ago I left my parents house to head off to college. Like every other college student, I though setting out on this journey would be an easy one. 178 more words


Job hunting

Ok so my latest mini rant comes from my frantic search for a career starting job….. Let’s just say the search has been very cold…. I don’t know if it’s just me or if the market is really that bad. 78 more words

Random Night Thoughts (Job hunting )

Just wondering where the best place is to find reliable job listings? Everyplace I have searched seems to bring no relevant prospects. starting to wonder if my International Business B.A degree was a wasted investment. 7 more words

From the Captain Obvious Files...

But it’s funny how often something as common sense as this NEEDS to be said!!!

“Going into debt to attend college and then dropping out is a really risky move.” 10 more words


Online graduation accepted worldwide

Online education today had made it possible for working individuals to earn their degree online. Many of the top reputed colleges are now offering the option to earn degree online. 353 more words

Degree For Sale

Hello World!

Hello! I am a college student with a dream to graduate college as debt free as possible.

I created this blog with you in mind: I want to record my journey towards affording a college degree, and at the same time, I’d like to write it in such a way so that you are benefited by the time you spend on this site. 287 more words