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Social Media and Education

Soon enough, MOOCs will revolutionize (if they haven’t already) the manner in which students and teachers interact in an academic setting. While our society is taking a giant leap of faith (or so I would argue), it continues to indirectly showcase the power of the Internet, and foreshadows just how heavily we, as a global society, are relying on it. 610 more words

Social Media

Degrees of Intelligence

*NOTE: Before you read this article I want to assure you that I am in no way minimizing the importance of a secondary education, however, when the mere possession of a degree is taken as prima facie evidence of intelligence or qualification then I take issue with that. 725 more words

Veteran's Shame Each-other

Today while walking on campus towards the parking lot I passed a slightly overweight twenty-something year old male wearing a Marine pattern digital green boonie… 1,012 more words


Don't let college costs destroy your retirement

A recent headline in Financial Advisor magazine read: Parents Say Retirement Imperiled By College Costs. The cost of raising children can be daunting. Recent reports tell us that the total cost of raising a child until they become an adult will be about $245,340. 220 more words

Financial Planning

Community Policing: It's Time to Get out of the Car!

Working in law enforcement is a challenging career choice.  The police academy teaches you to survive in a dangerous world made up of many people looking to target the police.   1,369 more words