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Everyone needs a college education…

That’s the line being shoved down unsuspecting high school students and their parents to rope them into the life-long debt to the gubment known as a “student loan”.   174 more words


Speaking Up, Part 2

“Who here likes to think?” asked my chemistry professor in class one morning.  As I slowly raised my hand, I came to the horrifying realization that I was the only one in the room raising my hand.  600 more words

Clue Of The Week

Starting Off Your First Semester

Tomorrow is the big day! Congratulations to all UC Berkeley Freshmen: you have made it. And finally, tomorrow you will begin your journey into UC Berkeley. 834 more words

Finding Your Way

I have to get better at this.

It’s been a year since my last post and I’m asking myself, what’s the problem? Sure, I get busy at times and I want to spend my precious writing time working on a project or homework for my Hamline classes. 154 more words

College Education

I had an interview with Lululemon and I let my awkward flag fly

It was a complete surprise when I got the notification from Lululemon Athletica that they were interested in meeting me for a position as Educator. The email said it was a group interview; really casual and relaxed, just to get to know the applicants.  637 more words


First Post: Life & Death- Freshman Year Reality Check

This post was originally written on December 30th, 2013 @ 1:03 a.m 

Once upon a time there was life and death. Now life, well everyone experiences that. 1,694 more words


Are You Considering College? Read This Article Now!

So, you are a high school senior? It’s now time to spend time on applying to the college you want to go to. Make sure you carefully consider which school you choose. 288 more words