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The Life of a College Fashionista | Sneak Peek of my College Dorm Room

I am sitting on top of my bed while I wait for my friends to come by for lunch. I thought I would quickly update you on my new adventure in college! 146 more words


I woke up like this

So the other day I woke up in my white tank and shorts and thought ‘hey I look good… I don’t want to change.’ So I didn’t I just put shorts in and a few accessories and there you have it ‘Pajama Chic’


Menswear Chic

Some people absolutely dread having to dress “business casual.” It’s difficult to incorporate trendy pieces when a lot of people think that you’re confined to blazers, pencil skirts and slacks. 162 more words

Emmy Nicholson

Tips for Thrifts

Tips for Shopping at Thrift Stores

  1. If you love it, don’t leave it behind.
    1. Thrift stores do not have 40 pairs of those vintage jogging pants in storage.
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Quick fixes

Do you have certain combinations that you turn to again and again when getting dressed? I definitely do. My go-to errand-running outfit is a men’s sweatshirt (likely stolen from my man, otherwise thrifted) paired with cutoffs and some sandals. 163 more words


An exciting day in the office

It was a super exciting day at 224 Apparel, because we spent our entire day shooting a new promotional video. I can’t give too much away, but this video is going to play a major part in one of the exciting projects that we are releasing soon! 205 more words

Emmy Nicholson

Get Ready for the Leaves to Change

Hello, World.

I’m starting the process of packing for school, and while it’s rather stressful, I’m finding comfort in the fact that I’m heading back to Fall semester. 515 more words