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Sorority confusion

So if you read my post about Greek life and how I was totally against it but decided to give it a shot, you would know that I was going to an information party for the one of the sororities today. 313 more words

Smashwords Interview

Here is an interview I recently conducted with Smashwords.

Why should high school seniors read “The Freshman’s Guide to College Academics”?


High school seniors should read the booklet because the booklet provides them with information that was not learned in the high school classroom. 1,337 more words

How not to make your first summer home boring

In high school when summer break approaches, everyone goes bonkers! It’s the best time of the year. Well in college, going home for the summer means going away from all your friends and freedom. 273 more words

Should I join a sorority?

If you’re like me when I started college, then you would be completely anti-Greek life. I thought joining a sorority was great…for some people, but not for myself. 377 more words

Everyday is an adventure

As I lay here in bed trying to go to sleep, a million things have been swirling in my head. I was having a conversation with my best friend from high school today and we were talking about how much I’ve changed this past year. 248 more words

20 Things College Freshmen Should Know

  1. It’s okay to not know what you want to do with your life.
  2. You’ll probably change your major or consider changing your major, and that’s totally fine.
  3. 461 more words