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A Few Things Don't Make Sense

College is an interesting time in life. You learn a lot, but are confused a lot. There are just a few things that simply do not make sense in college. 362 more words

My Apologies.

Finals have literally been running my life. And of course finals are not enough for my teachers; no, of course not. They all had to have tests the week and a half before finals in order to fully fry my brain. 164 more words


When I set out to write this blog, I had a few ideas in mind with no real direction. Any guesses on what happened? If you guessed “nothing” you’d probably be right. 525 more words

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Week Zero.1

So for those of you who are not familiar with my four week plan that I actually just posted about like mere minutes ago, I have a four week plan that will ultimately culminate in me becoming a more efficient, healthier, and also cleaner person. 334 more words

College Life

Self-Improvement Week Zero

So I’m nearing the end of Week Zero. What is Week Zero, you ask? Well, it’s the last week I will allow myself to wake up late and skip brushing my teeth at night. 726 more words

College Life

Freshman You vs Senior You

You grow. You learn. You do a lot of sh*t you swore you would never do. Things change quite a bit the four years you spend in college. 257 more words

College Life

Got 99 problems and one-percent feminism is all of them

This post originally appeared in the Georgetown Voice.

by Erin Riordan

On April 12, Georgetown University’s Women in Leadership hosted their inaugural Own It Summit. 695 more words

College Life