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Step 1a~ Big Questions

~A closer look at the 10 questions from Big Future~

1.  Talents

Talents are great, but just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you enjoy doing it. 786 more words


What's the Best Choice for a Performing Arts Education? College or Conservatory? (PlaybillEDU)

The process of applying to college is filled with often-bewildering and potentially life-changing choices for any student. But performing arts students find themselves with an extra quandary: conservatory or non-conservatory?

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College Planning

Community College Vs. A University

Hey Y’all! Around this time last year I was going into the second semester of my senior year and trying to decide if I wanted to go to a Community College or a University after I graduated,like many of you reading this. 465 more words

College is a Major Decision

As per the title, college is a major decision. And I’m not talking about decision on going to college. That is a rather large step as well but that it a different story. 445 more words

The Most Underemployed College Majors (Forbes)

Yesterday, Forbes reported on the jobs in which the most Americans feel underemployed, a term compensation comparison site Payscale defines as “having part-time work but wanting full-time work, or holding a job that doesn’t require or utilize a person’s education, experience or training.”

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College Planning

Will a nurse soon replace your general practitioner doctor?

According to Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry writing in The Week, some types of doctors will soon become as rare as the “dodo bird”.

… look at the future of the general practitioner of medicine.

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Jobs After College