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Morphing College Majors! Learning Communities Get The Results We Seek

Increasingly, professors are witnessing the benefits of cross-disciplinary learning, as “stories of math majors becoming lawyers, music majors running businesses and science majors working as photojournalists are now more the norm than the exception.” … 125 more words

College Majors And Connections To Careers

39 People Imagine The True-To-Life Slogans Of Each College Major And They're Hysterical

For those of you that have graduated college (or university), you’ll find that these slogans hit the nail on the head. Care for more? Check out… 388 more words

What's It Like to Have THE BEST Job? Software Developers Give Us A Peek Inside

Of the 100 best jobs cited by U.S. News and World Report, software developer is #1. (And interestingly, 40% are in #healthcare).
A “best job”, according to the Report, offers the best blend of employment opportunity, good salary, work-life balance and job security. 112 more words

College Majors And Connections To Careers

What's Nanoscience? Virginia Tech Program Readys Students for 21st Century Careers

What’s nanoscience?

Find out about Virginia Tech’s three new interdisciplinary STEM science programs for 21st century careers. http://bit.ly/1i6TQUz

Virginia Tech will be the second university in the US, to offer a bachelor’s degree in nanoscience. 56 more words

College Majors And Connections To Careers

9 Ways CollegeSphere Helps Kids Get Admitted to their "Perfect-fit" College

CollegeSphere Consultants Lead Students Through Unique and Individualized College Planning Process

Kristin Edwards is an Independent Educational Consultant and the CEO of CollegeSphere in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. 110 more words

Major Trouble

I found out recently that I am a triple majoring in college. To set the record straight, I am majoring in communications: media and am minoring in writing. 263 more words

New for 2015! Otterbein University's Systems Engineering Program for Ohio's STEM jobs!

Otterbein University points out that Ohio will need to fill 274,000 STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) jobs by 2018, and more than 12 percent of those jobs will be for people with degrees in Engineering, according to the U.S. 67 more words

College Majors And Connections To Careers