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Six - Well, Seven - Pieces of Advice for College-Searching High School Seniors (Forbes)

Senior year of high school can be truly spectacular. It’s a time to take advanced courses and excel in activities, from Model UN to athletics to drama.

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Top 10 Highest Paying College Majors (College Factual)

It’s true that on average college graduatesmake more over their lifetime than non-grads. However, not all majors pay you back the same amount.

Here are 10 of the highest paying majors as ranked by…

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Goucher College is First to Accept Video-Based Applications

Can an applicant explain why he or she would thrive at a given college in two minutes? If the applicant wants to enroll at Goucher College, that is pretty much all it will take under a new admissions option being announced today.

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7 Hot Majors That Didn't Exist When You Were in College (Mashable)

Your addiction to social media could net you a bachelor’s degree.

Thanks to the rise of the unconventional careers such as professional blogger and social media manager, as well as new forms of…

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What Everyone Gets Wrong About Where You Go To College (Huffington Post)

those opinions are probably wrong — at least the ones based on myths about what makes a good school to get a degree from.

We wanted to explain a few things a lot of people usually get incorrect about where to go to college.

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