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The 20 most selective colleges in the U.S. (and why selectivity can be misleading) (USA Today)

A college’s selectivity is measured by dividing the number of accepted students by the number of applicants. You would think this could be an easy way to measure a college’s popularity and exclusivity.

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Identifying The Worst Colleges In America (NPR)

For years,Washington Monthly has been rating and ranking the nation’s colleges. But for its 2014 edition, the magazine has done something new. It has put out a list of what it says are the nation’s worst colleges.

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The Challenges Of College Financing Facing High School Seniors (Forbes)

Many high school seniors are busy applying for college right now. Filling out applications, tracking down recommendations, and writing amazing essays. But even if these students are accepted at the schools they choose, they face another challenge: paying for it.

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5 Websites to Help You Pick Your College (Her Campus)

Between the stacks of snail mail you receive every day, the emails regularly coming into your inbox and the countless college fairs your school puts on, there are a lot of colleges trying to gain your attention.

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The Importance of the GPA in College Admissions (Noodle)

Everything a teen does academically in high school affects their GPA (grade point average).

Colleges admittedly pay attention to a student’s GPA when considering an admissions offer; however to what extent is often the question — and often different per school.

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4 Tips for Adding Safety Schools to Your College Short List (US News)

A great deal is written and said about how students should decide on the list of colleges to which they will apply. Students often agonize over which program is best for them, but they neglect one very important consideration when compiling this list: their safety schools.

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Parent alert: Millions start college but don’t finish (Examiner)

Over the past two decades, more than 31 million students started college but failed to graduate according to Signature Report 7 from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center in conjunction with the University of Indiana’s Project on Academic Success.

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