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Top 5 Reasons to Apply to a Liberal Arts College (Nerd Scholar)

Liberal arts colleges are top higher education institutions that emphasize strong foundational skills, such as writing, critical thinking and communication. At a liberal arts college, students aren’t expected to follow certain career paths starting their freshman year but instead are challenged to build a wealth of knowledge across a variety of disciplines.

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College Planning

Find a College That Feels Like Home

“I need to get out of here!” It’s a feeling shared by teenagers almost daily that is expressed loudly to anyone within earshot. And “here” is wherever you are at the moment—home, school, community. 762 more words

College Planning

Are Your Students Ready for College?


Sales flyers flood the mailboxes and sale signs paper storefronts signaling that back to school is around the corner. Some of us have children entering school for the first time and others have children heading off to college.  228 more words

Estate Planning

Ready, Set.....GO!

Dear Daughter,

So the countdown begins; seven days until we move you out of the safety of your bedroom to a shared space in a dormitory that you will call home. 621 more words

Stop Making Financial Flops. Start Taking Charge of Your Finances

Feeling Stuck in Your Financial Situation?

Don’t let this hardship story happen to you? Get financial guidance today.

Dad died. 663 more words
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Early action, early decision or regular decision?

College admissions applications are opening all over the country. If students have not started their applications yet, they will be starting soon. However, some will have a hard choice to make when it is time to apply. 672 more words