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REALizing My Life Is Just That...

5 years ago I left my parents house to head off to college. Like every other college student, I though setting out on this journey would be an easy one. 178 more words

College Degree

Cheers to sweet beginnings

Hi friends,

first and foremost, I would like to welcome you to my blog and please be patient with me as I become familiar with how things roll here. 228 more words

20 Year Old Girl

Be the Shakespeare of Formal Email Responses

First off, I want to apologize for my lack of posts last week. I was visiting family in New England and participating in numerous Boston-style shenanigans, which combined with my insanely large amount of family can be rather time consuming. 514 more words


About Me

Many of you may only stumble upon this page via inspirationnink.wordpress.com so I thought it might be nice for you to actually get to know one of the authors on a more personal level. 547 more words

How to Cure Home Sickness

Yesterday marked my one month anniversary living here in Japan and let me tell you, I definitely had moments where I felt homesick.Learning the language and culture on the daily by conversing with Japanese people, going to Japanese school Mondays through Fridays, buying groceries and necessities by myself, and watching Japanese television shows day and night only makes me realize just how much of an American I really am. 531 more words

Japan Stories

English Major in English Class

I went to my first year of college as a declared Psychology major. I thought I was going to get a P.h.D in Psychology because I loved watching Sherlock, psychoanalyzing Supernatural, and reading books like Hannibal and try to figure out exactly what kind of mental disorder the characters could have. 671 more words


An Unfortunate Moment in Monti

My friend and I were sitting across from the Pantheon and enjoying an espresso. We were in awe of the structure in front of us, completely oblivious to the goings on of the tourists in the area. 759 more words

College Student