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London Called, I Answered

Thursday I got on a plane and made my way to London, England. Thanks to Ryanair’s super cheap tickets, I got there cheaper than taking the train to many places out of Germany! 568 more words

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Interviews at the public library

Last week I went to the public library near me to work on some school work and do some more interviews. Three awesome and helpful employees from the library answered my interview questions and here are the results! 711 more words

Top 10 Free Apps That Pay You Money For Scanning Grocery Receipts

I have compiled a top 10 list of the best smartphone apps that will pay you money for simply scanning your grocery receipts onto your smartphone. 1,132 more words


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In response to my last post about college budgeting, I've decided to reblog the following post about mobile apps that will help you save money. Big thanks to my new blogging buddy, Katy, for sharing this. Please follow her "Frugal Living Tips" blog. Enjoy!

My Unpopular Opinion: The Importance of Doing Nothing

I would bet that while you are reading this, you are working on a paper, Facebook or Twitter is open in another tab and music is playing in the background. 723 more words


My House is a Wreck.

No, really. I’m not one of those people that say my house is a wreck and there’s really one cup on a table or something. My house is really a wreck. 265 more words

wait… it's almost thanksgiving?

Wow. So somehow I went MIA for like three weeks. oops! School and life have been literally insane, but I have successfully survived thus far so I think we’ll be okay. 437 more words

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My Unpopular Opinion: The LGBTQ community and the end of alienation

Coming from a Roman Catholic background, there are certain things I have been taught. Things like the importance of loving the outcast and the persecuted. I feel as though this idea is hard to find in practice. 415 more words