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National Students of AMF Comes to Eastern Illinois University

CHARLESTON, Ill.  – National Students of AMF’s first meeting will be May 1st at 6pm held in room 1301 in the Human Services building. Students of AMF is a group of college students supporting one another while grieving the illness or death of a loved one. 263 more words


The [Food] Struggle is Real

My previous post was centered around how I am going to kick April’s ass. Well, that is still my goal, but that doesn’t mean the food struggle is real.   404 more words

Weight Loss

It's My Money

That’s just some of the phrases you will hear when discussing Financial Aid options with students, especially when you are talking about student loans. As Counselors we try to help students be fiscally responsible. 207 more words

Higher Education

test results

I’m trying not to let my health define me.

I’m so tired of waiting on test results.

My kidneys have hurt for three weeks now. 34 more words


Staying Dry with Dunder Mifflin

Stayed dry with my favorite umbrella the other day in the rain!
Unfortunately I don’t think this gem is available in the NBC Store anymore :( 10 more words

Cat Lover or Crazy Cat Lady?

“Oh my God, is your background your cat?,” I hear from a coworker as she sees the lock screen of my iPhone. “How many pictures of him do you need?,” my boyfriend asks as I import the newest photos of Leo to my Mac Notebook. 480 more words


The Fear of Scrutiny

I did not share my pregnancy when I returned to Williams College this past fall 2013. I told a few close friends and dressed in a disguising way to prevent my peers from noticing. 419 more words