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Max Out Monday

We got to bypass Monday– good ole Labor Day equals no school and no work for many. But what are your plans this month? How will you pursue excellence and max out your abilities? 250 more words



After many semesters of watching my roommates stomach a bowl of Top Ramen, night after night, I decided that enough is enough. My name is Chelsea Haefs and I am here to tell you that there is a way to be a full-time student, live on a budget, … 194 more words


After Almost 24 Hours of Travel

For the last week I’ve been meaning to make this blog. Obviously I waited until I got my flat to even make this blog. As it turns out, when you leave the US and try to log on to all of your accounts the website thinks you’ve been hacked. 96 more words

Study Abroad

A Week in Review: Modest Back to School Outfits

Hello! Today I want to share something a little different with you guys, which should seem like something normal for a fashion blogger, but I have my reservations. 233 more words


How the College System Fails Its Students

This past week was my first week as a college junior.  I’m not a very big fan of school to begin with, and I never look forward to going back to school the way a lot of my friends do, but my experiences over this past summer and even just this past week have made me stop and really examine the way college works.   1,172 more words


Ode to an Espresso

So I downed the whole bit of coffee
All in one fearsome draught
Without a second thought
I drained the entire pot
How was I to know… 49 more words


A New World

College, a new and exciting world filled with opportunities, growth, development, experience, risks, joys, and happiness, but college is also filled with negatives such as debt, misery, confusion, and most importantly fear.   556 more words