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Exploring Printing Techniques: Block Printing Your Season’s Greetings!

Create your own one-of-a-kind, Fine Art Seasonal Greeting Card this year! In this 3-session class, we will explore negative space and color interaction while each creating a run of 20 two-color block-printed cards. 121 more words

Maintaining And Forming New Friendships

Greetings and Blessings!!!

I hope you ladies are doing well!! I hope that you all are getting adjusted to being college and embracing this new experience and adventure. 542 more words

Mentoring Young Girls

Ensuring Students’ Success

A new academic year has begun!  Students have removed belongings from burgeoning vehicles to fill now burgeoning dorm rooms.  Parents and family members have entrusted their children with their hopes, dreams, and goals, to our hallowed halls of higher learning.  648 more words

Making A Difference

The Best Creative Writing Tips for College Students

It requires frequent practice, dedication, considerable time, effort and hard work to hone your creative writing skills. Those who continuously polish their writing skills get a number of benefits such as strong communication skills, improved mental health, increased cognitive capabilities and in turn a bright future. 202 more words

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Improving your College Writing Skills

Learning to improve your writing skills is important especially when you enter college. As a college student you must be able to write flawlessly in order to complete your research papers and other college writing assignments. 289 more words

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5 Life Lessons That You Won’t Learn In College

I’ve never been a fan of post-secondary formal education. Not because of the skyrocketing tuition prices or the fact that most college students enter school without a solid idea of what job they want. 681 more words


The Teacher Creature

I’ve started checking the midterm exams of my college students a couple of days ago. You see, I work as a part time instructor for a local university. 619 more words