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Petticoats and Spitalfields

By now, I consider myself a Market Maven. Well, that title may be a little bit too generous and probably premature, but I can say that I have grown quite fond of the whole idea of markets. 760 more words


White House drops plan to scale back college savings plans

WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House said Tuesday it is dropping a proposal to scale back the tax benefits of college savings plans amid a backlash from both Republicans and Democrats. 679 more words


Used or New Textbooks?

Remember that one year in public school when you got a brand new textbook that had never been used by anyone else? The pages were nice and crisp; no one had written their names in the front, or had left little dirty notes all over the pages. 190 more words

College Students

12 Clever and Creative Snowmen



This morning I awoke to see my world covered in snow. The temperature is warm enough for the roads to clear and for snow to pack together nicely, yet cold enough for the white stuff to survive the day. 530 more words


13 Secrets of Amazon Warehouse Employees

In 2014, Amazon sold two billion items worldwide. All those products, from phone cases to car seats, are stored inside Amazon’s fulfillment centers and then sorted and wrapped by warehouse workers. 1,367 more words


Why Did Old Phone Numbers Start With Letters?

On I Love Lucy, whenever Lucy or Ricky Ricardo gave out their phone number, they’d say it as, “Murray Hill 5-9975.” Even though that may look and sound like gibberish to modern phone-users, it was perfectly normal at the time. 371 more words


Why oral presentations can help you in your future career

College is a preparation for your professional life. As cliché as it may sound, it totally makes sense. In this stage of your academic life, you are supposed to acquire the skills and knowledge you will need to achieve your dream job and to pursue a career in your chosen field. 570 more words

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