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10 Christmas Gifts For Your College Student

Let’s just say funds are limited when you are a college student, so when you come home for Christmas, hopes are high for good presents under the tree. 401 more words


Get Into These 4 Healthy Habits as You Head off to College

By K.C. Dermody

For most college students, going off to school brings the first real sense of independence and freedom. You’ll experience an abundance of unfamiliarity as you’re exposed to a new learning environment and living arrangements filled with different types of people. 534 more words


Self-Defense Lesson 6: Soft Targets

Women’s Self Defense: Soft Targets
This video shows ways to get away by attacking different parts of a body that are more susceptible to pain. 25 more words


Petersham Tafes Version of THE BLOCK

Sydney TAFE has certainly stepped up their profile in terms of giving their students “Real Skills, Endless Possibilities”. Petersham Tafe has launched a new project that brings together its “in-class theory” with “real life experience”. 251 more words

College Students

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

My oldest came home from her first year at college at the end of April and after laying in bed for the first couple of days, lamenting that she was back in cow town instead of the chic city of Montreal, my husband and I made her get up and look for a job. 459 more words


The top A2 Bars for Students

As an incoming senior at Michigan, I have made my fair share of Ann Arbor bar pushes. Downtown Ann Arbor is home to over 20 bars and each one offers something new and different than the rest. 586 more words

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Where College Students Spend

It’s been a long time since I was in college. While the technology has certainly changed, the lifestyle might be very similar. Multiple people in a cramped apartment, a diet mainly consisting of ramen noodles and adult beverages and time spent looking for the best happy hour deals. 378 more words