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A Few Things Don't Make Sense

College is an interesting time in life. You learn a lot, but are confused a lot. There are just a few things that simply do not make sense in college. 362 more words


Dating in itself is hard enough. People have written books, made movies, and created seminars just to try to tackle it. Our society seems to hold a fascination for it, immediately associating it with notions of love and romance (duh). 424 more words

College Students

Headed to College? Don’t Become a Victim of Identity Theft (Guest Post)

If you’re going to college, you have lots of things on your mind: choosing the right classes, getting good grades, finding a place to live, making friends, etc.  480 more words


My Guest Blogger, Rosalinda Randall

I am so happy to have fellow etiquette consultant, Rosalind Randall as my guest blogger. She shares her advice on dealing with young adult children coming home from college and the challenges it presents on both sides. 580 more words

Internships and other causes of anxiety

          Internships, once known as apprenticeships, used to be a way for employers to identify whether or not an employee was right for the company. Then, internships grew into a way for students to gain valuable work experience as they transitioned into a career. 706 more words

College Students

What Are You Typing?

You may or may not be aware of the pattern and path you are building with your social media activity.  So I ask, what are you typing? 1,237 more words

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Internships @ ESPN

If you’re looking for an intership at ESPN there are many opportunities to do so, you just have to look for it. If you get on the ESPN website they have a place where you can apply for internships. 88 more words

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