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Why I love Autumn

There’s something special about autumn. The crisp leaves falling to the ground, big jumpers, Halloween films, having hot chocolates when you finally get home out of the rain etc. 225 more words

College Students

Dressing Down

College has started. Again for some and it’s the first time for others (like me).

I didn’t expect anything less than a bunch of people dressed up like… 124 more words

College Students

Is that Kirsty Henshaw?

It’s 11.25 and the main hall is already bustling with people. Chattered voices flood the air, with one statement audible out of the swarm of noise.. 1,002 more words


No Boos for BooBoo

BooBoo Records Inc., located on Monterey Street in San Luis Obispo, houses records dating back from the early thirties to records released just weeks ago. After making its mark for 40 years downtown, the store has become a hub for music lovers in the city. 601 more words

Cal Poly Campus

Students rub Saint statue for "luck" on tough tests


The St. Ignatius of Loyola statue at Loyola University is just as part of the college community as any of the students or faculty. 393 more words

News With A Twist

Who is Anthro in the Works?

Anthropology in the Works is a student organization at Boston University. Anthro in the Works is dedicated to broadening students’ eyes to what anthropology is and what they can truly succeed through it, both socially and in their academic or career goals. 68 more words

Yes, It's Possible. Decorate Your Dorm Room on a Budget

By Stephen Collins

When headed off to college for the first time, there’s nothing more exciting and scary than getting your very first dorm room. Moving away from home, meeting and making new friends, even possibly sharing your living space with a roommate; all of these things can make a huge impact on your college life. 550 more words