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Ann Coulter Letter: "How much is that psychology degree worth?"

Written by Ann Coulter  | Wednesday Jan 28, 2015

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The Republican leadership in Congress still hasn’t held hearings on why college is so expensive, although I proposed the idea two weeks ago. 810 more words


White House Abandons Plan to End College Savings Accounts

Your 529 Plan Is Safe. Here’s Why the White House Changed Course.

President Obama is abandoning his controversial plan to tax the interest on 529 savings accounts, the White House announced Tuesday. 454 more words

College Tuition

Making Sense of the Uproar Over Obama’s 529 Proposal

President Barack Obama’s proposal to scale back tax breaks for college-savings accounts, the 529 plans, provoked an immediate uproar. There’s no doubt the proposal would make future contributions to  529s much less attractive. 781 more words


Free McCollege for All!

The following has been reprinted from The American Spectator, written by Daniel J. Flynn.

This article captures the key problems with creating the McDegree’s that Obama is so keen on providing, at your expense of course. 867 more words


College Tuition Caps Before Colorado Lawmakers

DENVER (AP) — A measure to permanently cap tuition hikes at Colorado’s public colleges and universities faces its first test Thursday.

The Senate Education Committee considers a Democratic bill to extend the current 6 percent hike cap indefinitely. 90 more words


The case for Obama's State of the Union free college proposal, in 6 charts

During his seventh address to Congress Tuesday night, President Barack Obama re-upped his free community college proposal.

In addressing the nation, President Obama said he would send Congress a “bold new plan to lower the cost of community—to zero.” He noted that 40% of college student choose community college. 487 more words