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Dark and Light. Shadows.

After moving on from the bright coloured windows of my last few drawings/paintings, I decided to look more at the effect of shadows and darkness on the town inspired by some concept sketches that I found from Tim Burton’s Batman. 207 more words

College Work

Digital Tool Review: InDesign

 As part of an assignment for a course on Humanities and New Technologies: Tools and Methodologies the class has been tasked with finding digital tools that may be of use to us in the creation of a digital object as part of our final project. 1,104 more words

College Work

DRIVR Promotion

So after nearly two months of hard work, the DRIVR Promotional video is out! I am so excited for you guys to see this product and hopefully you will gain a deeper understanding of what DRIVR is. 10 more words

College Work

Creative Process : Design Brief Plan : Photography : Team Project

Brief : 

Photography – You are to create a portfolio of 12 images which could be used to promote the courses on offer in Media Space. 872 more words

College Work

Cardboard City Gallery- My characters in the city

Just a collection of photos I took of my two characters, Aiden and Tracey, in various places of the city using different lighting and angles. I talk a little about this in my previous post. Hope you enjoy~!


Cardboard City- My story and characters

So I have decided to take a more story telling route with my cardboard city college project. It’s something that I love doing and I also wanted to see what I could do with this city and who would live in it, and what stories would they tell. 1,057 more words


Guess Who?

Awaiting my escape

I pray for a pen to get lodged

inside of me so I can be broken.

I am a floating pencil sharper… 85 more words