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Trip post # 2!

So, in my last post I left off at the first night at my sister’s place, so I’ll pick up from there I suppose. Oh, and forgot to mention in my last post that in Times Square we went to the Toys R Us and it was pretty awesome. 460 more words

College Work

Glitch in system gives refund check recipients high hopes

Brittany Bailey, a junior social work major and 21st Century scholar, almost lost that scholarship because of a glitch in the system that a number of students noticed this week. 610 more words

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Civil Rights reflection

Upon entering Greensboro’s Civil Rights Museum, I am overcome with a profound weight of dread, as if millions of frustrated ghosts watch on as a group of predominately white students try to grapple the extent of oppression which occurred less than a century ago. 260 more words

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First Week of Trip!

Day 1: I left my parents’ place in Marshfield at 8:10 in the morning to set off to Carver where I was meeting up with a man named Jarno who I was going to ride with for my trip. 1,682 more words

College Work

To the WordPress society!

Well its been a while. How have you been? Me? I’ve just gone back to college for year two of my art and design course.  At the moment we’re just breaking into the induction days and the tasks that we do to get you back into the swing of things. 83 more words

College Work

shake your booty...

..its Monday

Create a gif animation using no more than 6 frames…

Come up with an idea look at other gif’s for inspiration


shake your booty its Monday!   51 more words

College Work

Week 1

Before my my glass course started were told we will be required to demonstrate experimentation using various techniques and materials to produce a wide range of glass samples. 160 more words

Experimental Glass